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    Older nissan stuff. Fly fishing, I ride scooters. Mainly the nissan stuff these days tho.
  1. I've seen those intakes and I cant ever find them. That's why I hatched this idea of a different fuel delivery with that intake, I did mean to say
  2. I also know how thin these intake runners are. I have my spare for r&d, and tbh it's not the worst intake alive. I've seen worse flowing intakes in my day.
  3. So to be fair I've had a napZ for about a year now. And my problem was always the fuel delivery issues that come alone with either the oem tbi or oem carb on earlier napZ's. And look carbs are great! Dont get me wrong! But it's never really been my choice, even with side drafts being available (weber makes a 40dcoe twin 2 barrel set up, it is cool to say the least) But I've looked at all the options. You either get oem tbi, or carb, or a weber swap on the oem intake, also
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