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  1. Scoop3

    FS: 1970 510 Wagon

    Some old pics.. it's pretty much the same.. for the most part :D I'll get better on the 'morrow~!
  2. 1970 Datsun 510 Wagon Located in Edmonds, WA Asking $5000 OBO I've owned this car for about 10 years, and for the most part, it has been my daily driver. It's a great car. It's a blast to drive. But I think it's time for me to let it go :( The current engine is the third engine that's been in the car since I've owned it. (original smokey l16, semi-built l18, and now the KA) Pics coming tomorrow after I give it a quick wash :D Details: ENGINE -Most swap and engine work (95%) was done by Ray @ Garage Autohero in Woodinville. -Pretty low mile Single Cam KA24 (I think <60k when I picked it up about 2 years ago), Oil changed regularly w/ Mobile1 or K&N Filters -Custom Exhaust - Modified OBX Headers to 2.5" stainless all the way back through a nice Magnaflow muffler. Sounds great, lots of power. Fab'd by Ray @ Garage Autohero -Custom intake -Beautiful super-clean wiring -Shortened and balanced Driveline from DriveLinesNW. -Recently replaced U-joints on the driveline -Tranny shifts smoothly (grinds lightly into 3rd on a down-shift) -Super-secret-fuel-pump-kill-switch! STEERING & SUSPENSION -Ground Control Coils on 280zx struts (if I recal...) w/ Tokico Illumina adjsutable inserts -TechnoToyTuning Bump-steer spacers (RCAs) -TechnoToyTuning Adjustable Lower Control Arms (LCAs) -TechnoToyTuning Camber Plates -Flipped '68 crossmember (sits a little lower than later ones) -Datsport Steering Box Brace -Recent Camber/Caster/Toe alignment at Omni Brake and Alignment in Kirkland (Last Summer) -Fresh (Last Summer) Yokohama S-Drive's on all corners (205/55/15) on 1-year Mitsubishi Starion Wheels (have 2 spare rims as well) -Custom lowering blocks in the back. Pretty much as low as it can go w/o removing the bump-stops. INTERIOR -Matching Red-Needle guages (Tach and Speedo). Speedo has Trip meter (pretty rare) -Functioning Map Light and switch (Super Rare) -Full Carpet Kit front to back. -Early 90's Prelude Si seats (great bolsters, lumbar support yeah!) -Door cards are in pretty good condition (driver's side is the worst out of the bunch) -Clean Headliner -Almost perfect Dashpad (no cracks at all) -Floors are great. -Grant Steering wheel EXTERIOR -SSS Grille -Wagon Wing! -Stock wagon Locking Gas Cap (pretty rare). Was NOS when I put it on about 8 years ago. -H4 Headlights -Body is pretty straight. No Rust. Has a few dents and dings here and there. -Glass is good -Paint isn't amazing. It's a little ratty. -Bumpers are pretty straigth as well THE BAD -Speedo Cable snapped a while ago, Have another one coming in the mail. Should be here this weekend... -Tach needs to be hooked up.. -Gas tank was removed atleast once during it's life, and wasn't put back in correctly, so on an empty tank, 8GAL MAX, otherwise it'll spill out a little if you corner hard left... o.O; -Could use some new seals. They're not horrible.. They keep the weather out, and the windows don't rattle, but they're 40 years old. EXTRA GOODIES! -Extra Set of Tail light housings and lenses (with rubber) -Extra '69 grille -Extra '70 (standard) grille -Sliver and Round marker lights (Car is an early '70, so styled like a 69 originally, but was converted to '70+ before I got it. I've got most of the goodies to convert it back) -Extra Ignition and Lock cylinders (I think everything has a key and is functional) Don't know if I've left anything out... But I think I got most of it... Super-reliable, parts easy to come by, a blast to drive... New Seals, a little body work and paint, and it'd be amazing. Great little car.. I'm gonna miss it. If it doesn't sell, it must be an omen that I am to keep it forever haha Feel free to email me with questions! scoopthree@gmail.com or text 425.772.66O6 Thanks for lookin'!, -Casey
  3. Scoop3

    Front-Sump Front Sway bar...

    Does that actually bolt-up to a 510? lol -Casey
  4. Looking for a front-sump sway-bar for my wagon. Also looking for a rear swaybar. Text to 425.772.66o6 or email to scoopthree@gmail.com the end! Thanks, -Casey
  5. Scoop3

    FS: Datsport kit *Price Dropped*

    Bring Up My Post~
  6. Scoop3

    FS: Datsport kit *Price Dropped*

    Price dropped to $1000 INCLUDING the T3 Adjustable TC rods! Come and get it~
  7. Scoop3

    FS: Datsport kit *Price Dropped*

    Somebody has to want this! Still up for grabs... i need tirezzz Q_Q
  8. Scoop3

    FS: Datsport kit *Price Dropped*

    Also will include a set of T3 adjustable TC rods which have been fitted to the Datsport Kit for an additional $150. They've only been on the car for 'bout 6 months! No Longer includes T3 TC Rods. $800gogo!
  9. Scoop3

    FS: Datsport kit *Price Dropped*

    Bumpzilla. Need this gone! Who wants it? Make an offer :)
  10. Selling my datsport kit. Its got about 3000 miles on it (probably less actually) and just did all tie rod ends and balljoints. Includes everything but the rear crossmember and TC rod bushings. Kit was installed last summer. Going with a different setup. Looking for $800 Located in Seattle. Will ship at your cost, but would prefer cash/ pickup :) Thanks -Casey Scoopthree @ gmail.com
  11. back from the dead! Still lookin' for a good set.. Still have a good set for 2/4door (2 doors, 1 trunk, 1 ignition, 1 gas lock...) to trade for your 1 ignition, 2 door, 1 button(wagon hatch) set... Let me know!

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