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  1. Its like I'm trying to start the truck with an almost dead battery. As I said it barely turns over. I can hear it turn over only a few times and it will just stop. The timing is the next thing I will check.
  2. Oriellys says the starter is good. I'm stuck on what to do at this point. I might just take it to a shop as a Xmas present to myself
  3. Well connecting jumper cables from the negative to the block did not help at all. I left that and connected the positive battery post to the positive connection on the starter. This also did not help. I checked my plugs and they look normal. Definitely not fouled. And I don't think I'm getting to much fuel. My younger brother who is much better with working on cars then me told me it could be my new starter so I'm gonna bring it back into oriellys so they can test it for me.
  4. I'm gonna try connecting jumper cables to the block like bottomwatcher mentioned
  5. So a small update. I've gotten the truck to start a few times since I originally posted. But my problems have not gotten any better. I readjusted my choke and re cleaned my wire connections. For the last week the truck has barely been turning over and it started 4 out of 9 separate times I tried. On the times it did start i was not expecting it to because of how slowly the truck is turning over. Once it started It runs great. I'm able to drive it around no problem. I can shut it off and go into stores and when I come out it starts up perfect. There was only one occasion this week I tried to start the truck about ten minutes after shutting it off, so it was still warm. and it acted like it was flooded. I waited 15 mins and it started like normal. On the times it didn't start i would hold the key in the start position and it would crank very slowly, it would turn over maybe 5 or six times then stop. If I tried again it would only be once or twice. I'm gonna try connecting cables to the block in the morning and I'll also check condition of my new plugs.
  6. Battery cables are clean. I also cleaned the starter connections and grounds. My battery holds a charge. There's no drain. I put my giant battery from my benz in the truck and it was doing the same thing also tried jumping the truck off the a running vehicle and it made zero difference. The horn works.
  7. So my truck isn't wanting to start. It started acting weird when it started getting cold outside. Last winter it had zero problems with the cold weather. it would struggle to turn over and fire up, almost acting like it was flooded. But not all the time! Only sometimes after sitting overnight. Sometimes it started right up. And it always runs perfect once it starts. And once it's warmed up it started fine for the rest of the day. I started replacing parts. Each time I thought it fixed it until the next day I would try to start it and it would still just turn over but won't fire up. It progressively began to turn over slower than usual over the course of about a month of me trying to figure this out. I replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, starter, battery, cleaned dirty wire connections, and cleaned the carb (weber 38/38). I know im getting fuel. I know the battery is holding a charge. And I know I have spark to all the plugs. I have usually been able to get it to start eventually on most days but this last week I haven't had any luck at all and I am completely stumped on what it could be at this point.
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