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  1. Question about the routing of coolant through the intake manifold on my 1979 620 l20b. There’s the ports on either side of the intake to take water in from the head, but there’s another line that connects to the thermostat housing, and then wraps around the engine and connects to something over there. The auxiliary coolant line just confuses me, what’s it’s purpose?
  2. What’s it’s purpose?
  3. So I’m in the process of doing a emissions delete on my 620 (every bit of it was rusted and all the vacuum lines were shot). This is a 1979 Datsun 620. In the process of deciding what should stay and what should go I found there’s a switch mounted to the top of the EGR manifold with two electrical wires and a vac line coming in looping into itself and coming out it’s body. I had to do a lot of digging because I couldn’t find it listed in my manual or on here but I found a manual that had it. The vacuum line coming off the carburetor and feeding into the vacuum advance splits off into the VSV and goes somewhere from there. Can anyone explain the purpose of the piece to me and if I need to keep it attached. I just want to make sure it doesn’t interact with the distributer. Vac switching valve: https://imgur.com/gallery/vaxgxiN
  4. I opened it to check the condition of the diaphragm, I’ll take a look around for that small spring.... wish me luck XD And thanks for the feedback
  5. I’m in the process of rebuilding the carb on my 79 620. While taking apart the vacuum valve for the secondary two silver ball bearings fell out onto the garage floor..... I found one but lost the other, luckily the rebuild kit comes with replacements, but it does not show where they go in the exploded view and neither does the repair manual. Id appreciate some help in finding a home for these ball bearings, thanks!
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