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    1979 Datsun 620 King Cab, 2013 WRX Special Edition
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    Hotline Miami, Mad Max, also a fan of model kits and collecting hotwheels.

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    Looking for the D21 1987.5-1993 2WD rear optional LSD, don't need the axle and housing, but I don't mind buying it. I'm fine negotiating price. I'm not looking for the Traction Concepts one, but if you've got a used one to sell, I might consider for the right price. I'm more likely to respond to email. Ratios preferred are 3.55 and 3.83


  2. Then that's absolutely what I want. Now comes the issue of finding them, googling what you told me comes up with nothing of help.
  3. Alright, I'll look into those over-load springs, they seem like they'd give the best ride, similar to having a progressive spring rate. Thank you very much!
  4. The axle does not move in the leaves at all, but the inner wheel sticks out further when cornering. That's normal, correct? If not, should a panhard bar be my next consideration to correct this?
  5. I'm already riding on 2.5" lowering blocks, my suspension is too soft and bottoms out in the rear when both sides compress simultaneously, rubbing the bed fenderwells with poorly fit tires/rims. I bought the truck this way, and now I'm finally getting around to dealing with the issues from the last owner. I don't mind the rear shifting laterally, that's to be expected with the layout. How should I go about getting a comfortably set up pair of leaves?
  6. I know this may sound a bit unconventional, but would it be possible to run single leaves to hold the axle in place, while replacing the shock absorbers with coilovers? I'm not able to exactly afford the 4-link kit for this truck, but I'd like to get some more adjustability out of the rear suspension. A friend did the same with his hilux, but that's a 2-link. Any help would be appreciated!
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