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  1. love the still hood sticker, S3 mag FTW Here is mine lol
  2. APOD


    The 510 makes her look way more attractive than she is.
  3. APOD

    My vitamin C

    I will look around the storage unit and see if I have a pedal box laying around I recall one or two extras being in there.
  4. Anyone have a listing of bolt sizes for the front end- fender bolts headlight bolts grill ect I don't have any bolts for the front end of the race car and my other dime is a couple hours away for a couple weeks, I would love to get this front end on and get it sent to paint here soon. THANKS, APOD
  5. APOD

    My vitamin C

    Good looking dime! Was this the one on craigslist, I was debating on making the long drive to pick up a orange 4dr on the texas craigslist. been looking for a 4dr for a long time, good score!!!
  6. That OK datto has my eye same with a few others, payday is tuesday!
  7. GLWS I would snatch it up if I were in your state. FYI those 13 inch american racing spectre wheels will clear the 280zx brakes, I run them on my car with a tiny very tiny amount of grinding to the caliper mount, they also clear my maxima rear brakes no problem. Do you just have the 4 on the car? I would love to have a extra one as I have 2 sets sans 1 wheel.
  8. APOD

    Picked up another dime

    Thanks, Started it last night on some starting fluid, fuel pump is dead. no big deal, got to pick one up, then weld on the new core support, fix the rear quarter, paint, then drive. and here is my other 510 http://community.ratsun.net/topic/23964-1972-datsun-510/ I bought it off this guy^^^ Body damage is not very bad, the worst part had to be the fact that it just sat for 20 years, it was wrecked in the early 70's and just parked, I have the og title for it, so technically i'm the 2nd registered owner, lol Its getting the body fixed, bre flares, staying white, motor option for this one has been undecided but I have a ford 2.3 turbo motor that would make this car very fun. Not really into the whole build thread thing but I will try to keep posting more pics as progress is made.
  9. APOD

    Picked up another dime

    I'm going to make it street car, but track days will be a must, have to put the new core support on and fix that lower quarter then paint., also got enough parts to put my 73 on the road as well.
  10. APOD

    Picked up another dime

    the l20 and 5 speed is going to be freshened up and dropped in this dime. the l16 will be put in my other.
  11. APOD

    Picked up another dime

    motor is a l16 bored over, cam, header, 4 speed, weber 40's, cannon intake. but he also gave me a built l20b and 5 speed, extra doors, glass, hoods, lights, ect. All for $1,500
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