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    Anyone interested in working gauges for a Datsun 620? Can post worldwide if necessary. No idea on costs



  2. The're not available in the UK unfortunately. I am goign for GlowShift gauges because 1. they ship to the UK 2. they're adjustable so i can set it to 10-73ohms and use that with a high 'empty' reading until i can be bothered replaceing the sender (if at all)
  3. Thanks Mike, I think I'll go for another gauge, however 10-80 is hard to get so I might just play it safe and go 10-73 as they're easy to get in comparison. It'll just read empty early. Thanks again for all your help Mike 😁 Sorry to ask such noobie questions
  4. I did not realise this, no 😭 Are you saying then that I cannot use the fuel gauge on its own at an independent gauge? If so then I'm totally screwed I believe
  5. I realise the Datsun ones do, but there aren't any stand alone ones that I can find? Also the aftermarket ones seem to be either 0-90 or 10-180ohms. It's my understanding that if I get one that doesn't match the rating exactly then it won't read full or empty accurately? Would I get away with a 0-90 or will that never show zero or full?
  6. I have recently (today) just replaced my speedo and fuel/temperature/warning dials with an aftermarket Speedo and rev counter as nothing was working (except the fuel gauge) However, having hacked the housing to pieces to fit my two new gauges, I have realised that I have removed my fuel gauge... I still have the gauge but nothing to mount it to. My question is, are there any gauges with the same resistance as the stock gauge (10-80 ohms I think) that I can mount somewhere? Or do I need to buy a new sender and gauge together? I'm sure someone else must have been through a similar situation... Right?
  7. Agreed, but given mine is only moving 1/3 recall it needs to be more sensitive? Yeah, I see what you mean and if the actuator had a larger diameter the cable needs to be pulled more to achieve the 90° full throttle
  8. I'm using an Altezza RS200 cable, shortened, however the issue isn't the cable, it's the travel of said cable via the pedal. DatsunMike's point about moving the pedal pivot point or obtaining a different size actuator should solve the issue i think 😁
  9. That, sir is a fantastic idea... I had only thought about modifying the pedal rather than the throttle body actuator. This is the throttle body in question: http://newstarsauto.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=323 I'll have to see if i can find an alternative size for it.
  10. Apologies, it's a standard 620 accelerator pedal I believe. Mechanical- wire up to the throttle body then it's technically a drive by wire with manual override I have no idea how to attach photos to posts I'm afraid!
  11. Hi All, I have a 3SGE BEAMS swapped 620, I’ve noticed that when I put my foot flat to the floor, the throttle body is only actuated about 1/3 of the way. is there a way to increase the throw of the accelerator pedal at all? Perhaps by massaging with a hammer into a different shape or maybe fitting a later/different model pedal? I’m sure this has come up before and I did try to search the forum but it didn’t return anything useful 😞 Thanks Tom
  12. Sorry fror bringing this thread back from the dead, but what size guages did you get? They fit so well!
  13. Fantastic, thanks very much Mike! I thought that was the case but just wanted to check. Cheers
  14. Hi All, New member here, i'm fitting fender flares to my 620 and am just wondering, are the rear arches single skin like the fronts or are the double and therefore will require 'tubbing'? Thanks,
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