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  1. Nice, these all sound like good things to do
  2. Are you saying you think the shackle bushings would have a small effect on an empty truck? Haha, I actually checked and there is no way they could be on upside down The way you describe your 620 is how I’d like my 720 to feel. I agree it almost feels like no shocks
  3. Charlie69 sounds like leaf spring bushings to you huh?
  4. I should add that I can feel the side to side wobble on the road as well.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Banzai510 when you say stark do you mean pretty weak? I just went out and tested to see if I can get a better picture of how the truck bounces. When I push down on the corner of the hood the corner bounces back pretty fast and then the whole truck does what I would describe as a “double wobble,” basically the whole truck wobbling side to side twice. Safe to say that’s not how it should be. I’ve done shocks on plenty of other vehicles and never had a problem before. Maybe it’s time for beilsteins? Maybe I should see what kyb has to say about their gas-a-justs while I’m at it. I was wrong and I do apologize, the wheels do have the balancing weights :0 Still feels like she’s out of balance so I will have a shop check it.
  6. Thanks datzenmike. I think it’s time for a trip back to discount tire. I don’t see balancing weights on any of the wheels so they possibly skipped it. I’ll definitely change all of those fluids, seems like a good thing to do regardless. The one thing I’m still scratching my head over is the shocks. Like I said I put all kyb gas-a-just, did it myself. Driving around today felt like driving a truck in desperate need of shocks. Felt like I was surfing the road on every bump. I can really rock the truck pushing on the hood or the bed. What do you think?
  7. Hi guys, first post on here. I've had a 1984 720 4x4 for a little over a year now and its been a great truck. I live in a rural county and rarely need to drive above 55mph, however when I get above that the truck starts to feel very sketchy on the road. I realize this may be too vague a question but I'm looking for advice here on what to look at to try and improve the feel at highway speeds. A little background.. first thing I did when I got the truck is I swapped all four shocks with new KYB gas-a-just. I will say that I'm surprised at the feel of these, they feel pretty weak to me. I can still grab the truck by the lumber rack and bounce it quite a bit. Not sure if the shocks I got were defective or if I should be looking at the leaf springs or.. ? I also swapped out the tires with new Goodyear Wrangler Radials, 235 75 15, and got an alignment. As far as the wheels go I'm thinking I should probably take them in to get rotated/balanced. As far as the feel on the highway goes, theres a lot of vibration on the steering wheel. The truck feels excessively loud inside the cab. The general feeling is I don't want to go any faster. Can't tell if the feeling is created by primarily the suspension/wheels, engine, transmission. I have noticed it feels a bit better keeping it in 4th gear than 5th. In 5th theres sort of a grinding sound at high speeds. Thanks in advance for any advice, let me know if you have any questions.
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