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  1. Yes those air injection ports all connect to each other, thats why i was thinking it may cause an issue. So ill go ahead and install it once my head gasket comes in..
  2. Sorry i might of not been clear enough. I never ran this h72 head before. My engine has the h89 head. I would like to remove the h89(to rebuild it) and swap it with the h72, but i dont want to have idle or running issues. Thats why i came here asking my dumb questions..
  3. I dont have any smog equipment, the car came like that when i bought it, and the parts that it did have were broken/incomplete.. so it will run fine with the exhaust passages plugged?
  4. Im in cali and its hard to come across parts in my area. A Series stuff is super rare.. Could i tap the holes in the exhaust ports and maybe put a bolt in them? Or jb weld them? I dont want to run this h72 head for long, i want to swap it out of my daily, remove the h89 head and rebuild it and put it back in. I jus wanted to have a spare head so i can still drive my car to work
  5. How do i post a pic on here? Cause On the exhaust port there is a. Air passage that i think goes thru the whole head and has a hole near the water outlet. Can i just put a plug on the water outlet assembly and call it a day?
  6. Your right, i can see alot of things being replaced regularly on a race engine. Ill jus leave them alone and ill shave the bowl area down to get it smooth/aerodynamic. Thanks mike
  7. Would it be a bad idea to cut the valve guides flush with the port? (the engine is going in my daily) so its not a race engine.... not yet lol Thanks for the reply mike
  8. Hello everybody, So im new here and had a few questions about a head i just recently got at a pick a part. So my plans are to port and polish and slap it on my A15 im rebuilding. Its the h72 head and also has the #107 mark Is this head a good head for the a15 block? What are some good tips on porting it? Lastly, i would like to know if i can shave down the valve seat guides? Im open to ideas lmk
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