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  1. Hi, Thanks! Would love to see a photo! (Sorry for talking so long to reply, dealing with family and work stuff)
  2. HI! Yes, I would love more info. That looks great! Please share 🙂

    (sorry to reply so late, I’ve been dealing with work and family stuff)

  3. Does anyone have or know where I could find a photo of stock blue interior? I can’t find any reference to that. I have a ‘71 with a paint code #567, I know it had blue interior because under the revinyl of the headrest it is blue! I do have the original door panels. Was it the same blue as those? I want to redo the seats to the original. Thanks guys!
  4. Yes, the pinout for the connector on the other side. I see how the 4 corners are red, white, yellow, black. I’m just not sure which go to which. Basically, how the new relay wires correspond to the ‘stock’ wires. Thanks.
  5. Nice job, I’m in the middle of trying to resolve this issue too. Do you have any photos that show where which wire went to which on the connector side? Thanks!
  6. Hi! I would like to buy a 510 headlight relay from you. That looks great! This is my first time on this forum, so I’m having a little trouble navigating. Thanks
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