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  1. 1979 Datsun 620 Anyone selling or knows where I can buy the hardware kit for the rear drums every website and store I check is either out of stock or have the wrong springs purchased: brake cylinder brake hose drum shoes
  2. BeeDogg

    Hand brake repair

    So I was able to remove my drums brakes are done very thin,splits, and missing piece on the shoe I had my kid pull the handle as I look at the brakes and nothing happens doesn’t open or close .. I go under the vehicle right were they split when my kid pull the handle it berly moved gonna spray some wd40 on the split joint and on the backplate section Bought the brake cylinder brake hose new brakes but can’t seem to find the hardware kit everyone is out of stock. Amazon has a Carlson kit but looks like it doesn’t have the right springs
  3. BeeDogg

    Hand brake repair

    Truck was in north oregon handle and linkage is there going all the way back to the drum brakes but when I pull the handle nothing happens I’m hoping maybe it got disconnected somewhere or I just need to adjust I’m gonna be replacing the back brakes to might aswell look to see what I can replace I already ordered new brake hose and brake cylinder just need to find spring hardware kit
  4. BeeDogg

    Hand brake repair

    First time owner of a 79 Datsun 620 short bed hand brake isn’t working is there anything specific I should look for to try to repair or should I just replace the whole thing was told from previous owner once I turn it off to put it in 1st gear for it won’t move ..
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