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  1. Well thanks for the input guys! I'm taking away that they all interchange... and none are available. I reached out to several vendors, and am awaiting response from most. I did get a quote for $3500 to custom manufacture a single windshield that I haven't responded to yet. For what it's worth, in each of my requests I've asked for multi-unit pricing assuming other folks will also be in need. I'll update this thread if anything pans out. Jason
  2. Thanks for sharing this - just the type of inspiration folks need to keep working on the ones not-quite-road-worthy (mine included)! Any recent updates? Also, would you share the spec's on your Panasports and tires; widths, diameter, and wheel offset? They're perfect in my opinion. Thanks again, Jason
  3. Thank you gentlemen for the replies. I looked through the introduction material and the model photos and didn't see an associated A, B, C designation; didn't see a model differences page proper. I haven't bounced the part numbers against the body changes you mentioned, but will shortly. I did learn my chassis number puts the date of manufacture between September '65 and March '66 - more info than I had before! I don't suppose Nissan does "birth certificates" like VW... Again, thanks for the input; much appreciated. Jason
  4. Maybe I'm just slow; maybe it's the vodka breakfast... What's the difference between A, B, and C Types of sedans in the '411 parts catalog? Re: http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/bluebird-1965-1967/body/windshield-glass Gracias, Jason
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