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  1. Thank you, I will be trying this
  2. So awhile ago I did my timing cover gasket. Little did I know that on top of the timing cover where it mates to the head, there is supposed to be a piece of head gasket there. When I replaced it that piece was missing so I never cured the leak. This whole time I have been confused on why it was leaking. Who knew that the head gasket had a piece that goes onto the timing cover.... what’s the easiest way to do this procedure
  3. It is where the timing chain cover meets the block and head, and I never really put that into effect as that’s the gasket I first replaced. I will do that, thanks.
  4. This will be my second time taking my timing cover off to fix a leak. First time was rushed, and obviously not done correctly if it is leaking again already. Replaced my oil pan gasket recently because everytime I went out to my truck there was a puddle of oil under it. turns out it wasnt only the oil pan leaking, because the morning after there was still oil underneath and I located another leak. on the driverside where the head connects to the block, and then the timing cover. any suggestions on how to do this? before I took the radiator out and did it that way.. just wondering if theres an
  5. Yes. Done it multiple times..
  6. So I put the relay in. From the relay to the starter is my problem. The spade connector on the starter still likes to fall off and get loose. I’ve squeezed it before putting it back in multiple times , and it still wants to work it’s way off causing a bad connection. I think I’m going to solder it. I can’t think of any other way to keep it tight..
  7. Now that I think about it that makes sense. So what does a hot start relay inquire? Pressing another button to start the truck? How do I wire it in? Eliminate the trigger wire
  8. Definitely going to do this.
  9. It’s brand new and all clean
  10. Brand new wire with wire loom from the battery straight to the starter bolt. Sometimes it starts right up sometimes it acts up. Maybe it’s a flywheel issue.
  11. This is a issue ive been dealing with for quite a while now. Ive gone through 4 different starters. went cheap first, and decided to get a really good quality Gear Reducted starter. Sometimes it'll start fine (everything is timed accordingly by a timing light, and I have a brand new carb.) But the times it doesn't start up good, the starter will spin but bendix wont push out(atleast thats what it sounds like, I cant see inside the bellhousing) Anyway, ever since I had this truck the trigger wire that goes to the female spade connector on the starter always seems to be loose. Ive went through 4
  12. Yup, makes ya grateful for what ya got. Only one bringing income in with almost a 1 year old kid, don’t wanna sell the Nissan, but hell if my old lady’s rig breaks down it can’t even haul all 3 of us. I recently got gifted a 92 chev 1500 5 speed extended cab. Backseat and everything works unlike my Nissan. Has a bad head gasket, might sell the Nissan to have the funds to fix that or put a new motor in it. I’d love to keep the Nissan as a run around rig. We’ll see what happens..
  13. it is indeed the china version because I couldn't find anything else to buy, because im broke
  14. I guess whoever said that these are canadian carbs are misinformed lmao. Thank you for the diagram and wiring info. I assumed that it would be blue to blue and red to red, I just wanted to make sure. I was planning on getting spade connectors, but bullet ones will do just as good. I think the throttle cable part is rubbing because the carb wasn't all the way tightened down. it was rubbing on the intake (the part that the end of the throttle cable attaches too) cant remember the exact name for it
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