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  1. As for the recore that is astronomically priced I'd pay more for that than i paid for the truck
  2. Even when I go pull it up for the z24 they show it available for delivery until you try to order it and then it says no longer available
  3. When I search auto zone the only radiator it pulls up for the z20 is listed as unavailable
  4. Charlie I am having trouble with this link what is the part number you are linking here?
  5. So the one I thought would work is too tall does anyone know a comparable model I could look for?
  6. Awesome thanks for the advice. The rad for the truck I have is a special order that will take time to get and it costs half again as much as the d21 rad
  7. Is there any reason I couldn't replace the radiator in my 84 720 with say the radiator from d21 it looks like the dimensions would work as the rad from the d21 is roughly an inch smaller on every dimension, inlet and outlet are the same 1.375 inches
  8. I did figure out the problem yes but I'm almost too embarrassed to say... solution was simple. Put the car in park.
  9. It does flash when I get in but is not illuminated when the car is on
  10. @bilzbobagginsI dont know this is my dad's car it doesn'thave an owners manual and finding info like that online is a huge pain in the ass so I'm hoping someone can save me the trouble here 🙂
  11. also I realize what I said it drained the battery seems to say th battery in the fob but I meant the battery in the car was drained overnight
  12. It is push button and nothing was on the screen it was just illuminated. I should mention that the doors wont lock with the fob unless I'm inside the car
  13. Ok so update is, disconnected batt and it stopped the continuous beeping and start button no longer illuminated however when I attempt to start it doesn't turn over and goes back to the state of continuous beeping. (Yes I reconnected the battery lol)
  14. I replaced fob battery and it drained the battery over night because the beeping doesn't ever stop and the ignition button stays illuminated as does the little screen between the speedometer and tachometer stays lit. I havent disconnected the batt yet. I'm not at home so I'm trying to locate the tools here in my parents garage
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