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  1. Reckon this gets her done?
  2. I think I'm to the point where i start just replacing all the wiring. Can't find a harness for it any suggestions to make pulling it wire by wire less tedious and time consuming I'm prone to flocking things up so anything to make it me proof would be awesome
  3. Omg you're a baby... I was picturing a much older fellow whose been driving Datsuns since they were Datsuns.... 

    1. datzenmike


      At some point in life you begin to decline. You start and end drooling, childlike and with someone changing your diapers.

    2. MikeRL411


      And if you fall often enough you learn to crawl again.

  4. Hooked up relay according to diagram I think didn't do anything. Hooked original back to switch getting a chatter from either the choke relay or the fuel pump relay and then started smoking about mid wiring harness
  5. What to do if the pins aren't numbered or marked in any way its a four blade relay, four post whatever it's called
  6. Are we still using photo bucket or whatever to post pics or is that sorted out where we can do it direct ?
  7. Any chance you could post picture of correct setup or did you already do that its been so long I'll look back if you alresdy did thanks
  8. I should also mention that the old starter turned justonf enough for me to ensure correct direction of spin and then turned no more so it is definitely dead
  9. Ok i haven't had a chance to do anything with the old girl for quite some time I was worried about the starter being wrong still so I removed it and tested it next to the original they both spin the same direction which I had concerns about because of the reversed posts. I did indeed clean the battery posts and clamps and removed the ground connection and sanded it clean and reattached. As it happens I have a few relays that I ordered wrong and never returned. Its a wve part number 1R1068 4 post relay would that suffice? It doesn't have a fuse but I suppose if it was absolutely necessary I could wire one onto it. I still need to figure out what fuse fried if thst is not the starter and what relay associated with it also. I have considered that somewhere along the wiring in the harness it has melted through its coating and is dumping the voltage before reaching the starter is this possible or am I way off base
  10. None_zero


    I have about 18" with a slight downward turn at the end after the muffler (not by design mind you its just what was still there when the section i added bailed going down the interstate) I decided to leave as is because people always make a point to mention that the truck sounds "bigger" than it is. And for some reason I enjoy that
  11. Captain 720! I have watched your videos on YouTube bro! I'm having something like a fan boy moment here.... fancy meeting you here. Lol

  12. Relay is also fried.... sigh
  13. Im thinking maybe whatever surged and fried the fuse may have also burnt the starter motor since its welded to the housing maybeb it didn't pop and break the connection quickly enough and the carryover damaged the starter motor. I never think to check fuses likely its been toast the whole time but I tested the starter and only got about 30% functional results 33% whatever once every 3 times id make the connection it would pushbthe solenoid and start spinning. Thoughts? Maybe my faulty ground is at the root of the problem or is it way more simple than that and its just a fuse that didn't separate well and caused damage to the parts?
  14. If the truck was relatively stock I might be able to do that without a diagram. But in reality the wiring coming off the fuses and connecting the relays is I believe correct but is the result of a bunch of guess work mixed with trial and error that usually functions nicely but I hardly even know what I did when I put all that together back what maybe 3 years ago. Im not even sure at present which relay is the starter relay. Is it normally mounted passenger side by the fuel relay or along the top of the fuse box? Also additional information I noticed today that when I popped the hood the blower motor kicked on. Which is passing strange so I began to think my issue may lie some where in that self same mess of wiring a fellow at a shop down in Texas updated my on switch and ignition switch and acc switch because the one I had on there was shorting out. Anyway he zip tied the mass of wiring to the hood release cable so im thinking one tug too many may have pulled something loose. Also one of my fuses 15a 10th from the front and 6th from the back is fused to the fuse mount assembly so hard that i had to pull it with pliers and still left the upper contact married to the plastic what would cause that to fry that so hard? Isn't that sort of what fuses are for is preventing that sort of thing?
  15. So hook jumper to ignition switch neg and starter body??
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