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  1. I'll take a few in a little bit I gotta get some food in my belly and make my brain spin faster
  2. ok after another more comprehensive look at this new issue I dont think its the upper control arms. the UCA is biting into the shock on both sides and I think it maybe the crossbar that is out of whack, That is the stabilizer or sway bar however you summon one. ... of course another part that is out of stock the world over, well fuck a duck and, screw a guinea I'll probably have to fabricate one before I find any.
  3. So the story goes like this, Some dumbass (me) left my truck out of gear and went inside, straight to a facedown position on the mattress from which I did not move until I was awakened the next day to the question why is your truck in the front yard? ( I parked it in the back) so I went outside to find the old girl just as they said in the front yard making out with a cedar. Crunched up the front end pretty good but no frame damage I an makin a custom grill to replace the old one and everything else has been straightening fender/Hood straightening the bumper back out and all that, Had to sprin
  4. Ok I found it by going to Advanced auto website and copying their part number and then going back to rock auto and searching that number. That bearing has to be pressed in I assume. Could I accomplish such a feat with a bench vise?
  5. I ended up going with a 94 Acura integra rad. On this if anyone gets curious. It fits in there nicely though its slightly undersized as far as its capacity I think I had to fill it 2 times to get it full, seemed like the truck pulled the whole contents out of it twice which seems absurd but there it is. Also had to get creative with the mounts as they are on the opposite side of the rad from the one that was in there.
  6. See thats what I thought but they only have the lower listed under Control arm? maybe they just dont carry it ? \
  7. What is the U-shaped part of the suspension that sits around the shock absorber called I think the diagram I was looking at referred to it as a 54533 but I cant find the name of the part anywhere and that number doesnt bring up a part on rock auto maybe I should add this is a 1984 720 pickup
  8. As for the recore that is astronomically priced I'd pay more for that than i paid for the truck
  9. Even when I go pull it up for the z24 they show it available for delivery until you try to order it and then it says no longer available
  10. When I search auto zone the only radiator it pulls up for the z20 is listed as unavailable
  11. Charlie I am having trouble with this link what is the part number you are linking here?
  12. So the one I thought would work is too tall does anyone know a comparable model I could look for?
  13. Awesome thanks for the advice. The rad for the truck I have is a special order that will take time to get and it costs half again as much as the d21 rad
  14. Is there any reason I couldn't replace the radiator in my 84 720 with say the radiator from d21 it looks like the dimensions would work as the rad from the d21 is roughly an inch smaller on every dimension, inlet and outlet are the same 1.375 inches
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