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  1. That's what I was afraid of haha, I just replaced my stereo and had all of that stuff out. It was a pain to get everything back in so I'll live with 3 speeds for a bit until I have to go back in there for another reason
  2. Where is the switch located? Near the blower motor or behind the climate control?
  3. Thanks for the replies. @datzenmike i put in the new resistor but the AC shuts off when I move the lever to the 4th speed, which must be what you were saying initially, that 3 is somehow the high setting - which may go with charlie69's point directly above. @Charlie69 if I understand correctly, you think the blower motor itself won’t go to the 4th speed? That some just do 3 speeds? I've seen climate controls with just the three speeds, so I wonder if I accidentally got a replacement blower motor out of a truck that only had three speeds. Weird that my old one only did three speeds too, but for all I know, that might not have been the original either. If this is the maximum this blower motor can do, I'll just live with it I guess. For reference, here’s what my climate control looks like:
  4. Is there any way to tell by looking at a resistor if it will blow three or four speeds? The part description doesn't seem to have that info. This is the one I bought: https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts/nissan-resistor-heatr~27150-62w20.html I also have the white resistor below that came with the used blower motor, but it only blows 2 speeds. It seems that all of the aftermarket ones for a 1985 are out of stock, but would one from a 1986 fit?
  5. Got a new (used) blower motor, which is much quieter, and a brand new blower motor resistor from a Nissan dealership but it’s still only blowing 3 out of 4 speeds. It won’t blow on high. I changed out the relay and fuse too, but no luck. Any ideas how I can get it to blow on the 4th speed?
  6. Oh ok, from the diagram in the Haynes manual it looked like there was a tube coming out, wasn’t sure what that was for when I saw it
  7. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of doing that through eBay, just hard to tell how well the new (used) one will work until I install it. On the other hand, reading reviews of the aftermarket ones sounds bleak so a used one may be the best option When replacing and removing the tube that attaches, will that leak Freon when it’s taken apart?
  8. Anyone out there have an opinion on the best after market brand blower motor for a 1985 Nissan 720? I want one that fits and hopefully is a little bit quieter than the chirping original I have now. I've been searching high and low but can't find a genuine Nissan one. Also, with the aftermarket, do they still need the blower motor resistor switch to control the speeds of the fan or is that built into it now? My Haynes manual says the blower motor resistor switch was no longer there in 1986 models, so I'm wondering if this is true for newer blower motors in general. My speed 4 has never worked, but I figure if I'm doing the blower motor I might as well do it right. Thanks!
  9. I know this thread is old, but does anyone know the inside diameter of the filler ventilation hose for the 720 fuel tank shown in @wayno'spicture above? Mine is leaking like crazy
  10. Time Left: 1 day and 21 hours

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    Does anybody have a gauge cluster with tachometer from an 83-86 720 that they want to sell? See picture for reference. My speedo has never worked and now my tach is only working intermittently, so I would love to buy an entirely new cluster. thanks!


    - US

  11. Rebuilt and adjusted the carburetor and now it's idling perfectly at stoplights, etc. The vacuum lines all look good too. The only idle issue I'm having now is that it is still sputtering to a start even after depressing the gas peddle two to three times. If I apply the throttle simultaneously to turning the key, it starts just fine. Should I just leave this alone or any ideas about what I might fix next? Just got the choke relay in the mail today so I'll throw that in just in case, but other than that I'm not sure. In regards to the carburetor - opened it up and parts were melted so that part was self explanatory as to what was going on with it.
  12. That's not a bad idea, I wonder how long/wide those measure. Also, there is a bump in the back floor that would need to be accounted for, but could probably be cut into the seat.
  13. Does anyone know if the jump seats from a 1986.5-1997 will bolt seamlessly into the rear of 1985 king cab? Or is the whole thing different underneath? Can't find any images of the bottoms online
  14. Thanks again for the help! One last question, in regards to the suspension and steering system - I have power steering on the truck so does it use a rack and pinion? I can't find anything in the Haynes manual about that. The steering wheel is way off and has excessive play so I'm thinking that's what it is if the truck uses a rack and pinion
  15. On cold start it only revs to about 1200 and then dips down. I'm going to check out the vacuum lines and make sure everything is in the right spot on the carb, but if everything looks good in that department, you think the ECU? I'll also order a choke relay to be safe and just replace that too
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