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    Looking to see if anyone is interested in selling rear jump seats, mounting hardware, and seatbelts for a 1985 720 king cab. Color doesn’t matter and any compatible year is fine


  2. Does anyone know if the jump seats from a 1986.5-1997 will bolt seamlessly into the rear of 1985 king cab? Or is the whole thing different underneath? Can't find any images of the bottoms online
  3. Thanks again for the help! One last question, in regards to the suspension and steering system - I have power steering on the truck so does it use a rack and pinion? I can't find anything in the Haynes manual about that. The steering wheel is way off and has excessive play so I'm thinking that's what it is if the truck uses a rack and pinion
  4. On cold start it only revs to about 1200 and then dips down. I'm going to check out the vacuum lines and make sure everything is in the right spot on the carb, but if everything looks good in that department, you think the ECU? I'll also order a choke relay to be safe and just replace that too
  5. Thanks everyone for the quick responses, I appreciate the help! 1.) @datzenmike you're right that it starts up just fine when I press the gas 2-3 times before starting it, but it still dies after about 10-15 seconds if I don't immediately shift into gear or hold the throttle. Even when the engine is warmed up and I've been driving for a bit, it'll still randomly die at lights or when coasting to a stop. I kept an eye on it all day today and it's average idle is about 1000 rpm when it decides to dip down and shut off. @None_zero did you replace anything other than the relay when you fixed that issue? If I'm not mistaken, the relay is essentially just a plug-in piece right? 2.) In regards to the carb, it has 6 wires on the back end. 3.) In regards to the speedometer, is the best bet just to get a used one and replace the whole cluster? Or is there a way to fix the gauge that isn't too tedious? 4.) I'm doing an oil pressure check tomorrow so we'll see what's going on with that and if it's just the gauge or if the pressure is actually low. 5.) Will replace shocks at some point, thanks for the help. 6.) That little wire goes to the sensor light, which according to past posts on here, should be unplugged anyway so that's good news.
  6. If anyone is wondering about number 6, that's for the sensor light, which was discussed here: Hopefully someone else will find it helpful to see where the wires are on the inside of the truck with that image.
  7. Hi everyone, I just recently purchased a 1985 Nissan 720 4WD King Cab (manual transmission) 223,xxx miles on it, and since I've never owned a 720 before, I have a few questions about what is normal and what is not for this truck before I attempt any repairs. All help is appreciated! 1.) When I start the truck, it will not start unless I apply pressure to the throttle at the same time that I turn the key. I've never had a manual car this old so I'm not sure if this is normal for the era or if there is something wrong. Also, once the truck starts, if I release the throttle and just try to sit in neutral, it will shut off. 2.) The truck idles at around 1000 rpm, but sometimes it will shut off if a stoplight is extra long or if I'm sitting in a drive-thru. Ideally, what should the idle be set at? Also, if I shift from a mid-range gear like third and coast to a stop light, the engine will shut off at times as well. All of these idle questions lead me to believe something is not right with the idle haha. 3.) The speedometer does not work at all, but the odometer and all other gauges are fine, so I imagine it needs a new speedo cable or speed sensor. Before taking it apart, I've been trying to figure out where the speedo cable and speed sensor are located, both online and in my Haynes manual, but I can't find any concrete diagrams or images. Is the location extremely obvious once I take the cluster out? I don't want to mess any of the other gauges or sensors up by removing things thinking I'm removing the speedometer cable. 4.) Just changed my oil and oil filter, but oil light is still on. Also, the oil pressure gauge seems to be reading low. What is the normal PSI? It's on the gauge that has 0, 45, and 90 and it always hovers around the bottom third of the gauge. Never exceeding 45 or approaching 45. 5.) The ride is bouncy over speed bumps and other bumps. I've replaced struts on a previous car and that car was making noises going over bumps, which this truck is not doing. It doesn't sag either. The truck is 4x4 and has a lift from the factory so I'm not sure if I need to fix anything with the suspension or if it's bouncy because it always was. How bouncy is too bouncy? 6.) Also, please see the image. https://imgur.com/a/SBk08GD What was in the blank spot with the wires hanging out? In all of the other images I've seen of 720 interiors, it looks like that spot just has another little plastic cover? Should those wires be attached? If so, what do they go to?
  8. Just saw your DIY crewcab thread, that looks wild. I was hoping someone had found a way without fully taking apart the frame, but yea you're right - it is small back there. I'll just get some replacement jump seats and call it a day. Thanks for the quick reply
  9. I’ve seen multiple posts on front seat swaps, but haven’t seen anything about the rear seats. Has anyone ever swapped a bench into the back and made it fit comfortably? I have a 1985 720 4WD King Cab. If this has already been talked about, apologies! A redirection would be greatly appreciated
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