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  1. lol yeah but it's the same on my laptop and phone at home.... kinda sucks but w/e at least i can post pics without having to make an imgur account. i guess it works... kinda
  2. yeah i know "insert image from URL" is there, but the paperclip attachment to upload directly to this site IS NOT there. if it is, please circle it on my screen shot? insert image from URL only allows me to post a link, which i did... no paperclip, sigh edit: here's my rat'd rx7 for anyone that might care https://pasteboard.co/JVUEKWR.jpg https://pasteboard.co/JVUFcEbA.jpg
  3. well, it's not imgur but hopefully these work https://pasteboard.co/JVTZNE4.jpg https://pasteboard.co/JVU05DN.jpg https://pasteboard.co/JVU0i8D.jpg https://pasteboard.co/JVU0pBs.jpg https://pasteboard.co/JVU0xwb.jpg
  4. yes im trying to tell you it is NOT there for me haha i'd post a pic but.... anyone have an email i could send a screen shot to ? https://pasteboard.co/JVTXgYd.jpg hey look! woooo, check that out ^ ya'll see what i mean.
  5. Nah the option isn't even there for me... really strange. On my phone now, no attachment option either, just an insert image from url at the bottom and that's it
  6. yeah.... that isnt on my computer. im at home now on a laptop, still nothing. weird. maybe i have to hit 5 or 10 posts ?
  7. it's more so i'd rather just not make a imgur or alike account to link images here. not tryign to be that guy but is not uploading them directly to the forum not a thing like it is on other forums ? #afewfucksgivenrx7 is the usual tag to show rx7 pics im at work you see, and imgur wants to txt me a code to enter, but i cant have my phone at work so im over here liek -________-
  8. do i need a 5post count to be able to post a pic or do i have to just use the insert image from url johnson? cars updated. the 510 was ROUGH, didnt put it for sale... dude man hit me up on IG asking what i would sell it for. i joking said X amount and he said okay cool paypal work? and just like that i made some easy money doing nothing and flipped a rough condition 510. welp pulling a trailer with my suzuki X90 and Samurai was getting old, so i was kinda looking for a truck... then this guy popped up on CL. ive always wanted one, so i hoped on it! i'd rather not upload pics to img
  9. welp i ended up just flipping the 510. pulled $1200 out of it and didnt do a thing... meh yesterday however i did score a '78 620! see pic i actually plan on keeping this one lol
  10. hey guys! so im picking up a '71 510 today that's a roller and mostly rust free... .here in maryland. i know these things are getting harder to find and especially rust free! well, i shouldnt say all that.... this has rear quarter rust, but the right side has been cut out and a new quarter has been installed but needs finishing. the left side still needs to be done. thankfully i have a samurai and between my body tech buddy (about 12 years exp) and myself we feel confident doing the body work the right way... with metal and not bondo. it's a roller, with weld on perches up front and eib
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