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  1. Well crap. I didn't see that in my instructions, must have missed the tape thing. I think my problems might be bigger than the tape. I think I have a dead short somewhere in the system. With the power on, I have power to the positive, and negative side of the coil and when I check the distributor for ground, the case of the distributor is hot too. I'm looking a bit further in to it. I'll have to order a new ring I guess. I'll keep a status posted here. Got my brother coming by tomorrow to look at it. Thanks for the responses!
  2. I just used the wires that were already there. I'm guessing that the coil isnt firing once its back to run position. I figured though it was running that way before, why would it be different now. I've wired it both of those ways, but havent checked the ohms on the coil. I am also using the coil that it had with the points. Its getting spark, but looks a bit weak. I last wired it up with a ballast, i'll wire it back up without the ballast as thats how it was with the points and maybe run a hotter coil. The other thing that is new, is that it has valve sounds. I chalked that up to the ether. Thanks for the diagram!
  3. Howdy, Looked around a bit and can't find what i'm looking for, it might be on here and if it is, please feel free to link it so I can feel right assy about not locating it before asking. Installing a pertronix on a 71 510. My setup wasn't resistor so I hooked it up that way. I can get it to go on ether, but nothing else. So, I then ran a resistor in line on the positive side, same thing. It sounds like the car is out of time, but I haven't changed timing during the install. I am using the coil that was in the car before. I'm pretty crappy at the testing thing with a multimeter so there's that. The magnetic ring has some plastic wrapping on it so I chucked that. Still same thing. There is no adjustment on the setup like with the points so cant adjust air gap. Any ideas on what might be wrong with this crap limited info?
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