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  1. So, thread re-jack: Got the machining done on the shift linkage, and all new parts from Japan have arrived. Slowly putting the machine back together. The oil impregnated brass bushings were off the shelf items, the Steel bushing had to be made. That was the old one The new one looks much better and I don't need the lube hole because of the new bushings. The Shift Linkage arm before any machining was done... After the machining the brass bushing is pressed in with an arbor, one on each side.. simple right? the brass bushings also needed 0.2mm honed from the I.D. in order to have the proper sliding fit I wanted for the steel shaft. Still do not have everything together - I got busy with the holidays - But I can say for sure that it will no longer have any play in the shifter after this goes in. The brand new Striking rod from japan will go a long way toward solving the problems as well.. The only thing I haven't found that I would like to would be two wave/spring washers proper size to go either end of the shift linkage to prevent or minimize walk.. but... I might come up with some before it gets pressed, who knows.
  2. Cragar Wheels... Their four lug wheels were four spokes. Their better know Five Spoke wheels were Five lug.... Never discovered if they made a six lug.... .02
  3. I just received the Gears purchased from Merlin in the mail today. The Bushings I ordered from McMaster-Carr arrived Tuesday. And got an email this morning that my parts shipped from Japan via FedEx last night. So.. It shouldn't take much longer before I can put the transmission back together. Thanks Merlin for finding those for me. Better than the ones that I'm replacing for sure. I'll keep you posted - But nice to see another source for info/parts...
  4. Yes 63W Prior to September of 72 is correct for the application. I'll get hold of you by next week if I do not hear from Merlin by then. Thank you
  5. So, Update: I got some of the parts I needed from JP-carparts in Japan, along with some other parts I discovered I needed. The Striker Rod - brand new - (Yeah, we got that...) They did not have the Rod Bushing - Discontinued - So.... I strolled over to McMaster-Carr and had them make me one for $40. (will be here in two weeks) They also did not have the Reverse Gears - So I need to source someone with 4 speeds in pieces (not common, I know). I can't justify the cost of a complete 4-Speed trans that I WILL open up just to inspect when all I need is a gear for the one I already have. Not to mention I really do not have the storage for another trans ( I do but, lugging around all the spare parts you own when you plan on moving is a serious PITA) Hobo - I might already be E-mailing with you.. there are a few inquiries I've made via Craigslist locally. As I mentioned prior, I found Lash caps and Spring hats damaged and needing replaced.. Sourced a full set of both through JP-carparts in the same order (tho, they get to make the caps). I Definitely appreciate the links to those guys. Mmerlin will not respond to email or phone until the 13th, fingers crossed that they may have a reverse gear set.
  6. Thank You Doc for that website info. I Have an inquiry in with jp-carparts as I type this... It is appreciated. In the mean time, I opened up the valve cover to take a look and make sure nothing was amiss there. Wouldn't you know it, missing a lash cap, two caps are installed wrong, and found a chewed up a valve spring keeper as well.. That also is in the inquiry.. Other than poor assembly skills and incorrect valve adjustment, htf does that happen? Cheers Jerome
  7. The Reverse idler and the main.... The idler is missing a few chunks as well.. so.... Yeah Let me know if you have sources.. I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. Here's what rolled in... You don't want to know what it looks like now... 🙂 I ripped this apart and cleaned it within an inch of it's life.. still needs a bit but it's serviceable. The Striker rod in question after I removed it. I've got a few close ups... As you can see from the side view, it's been wearing for some time, Both sides look as such. So like I said, I was thinking if I cannot source a know good rod I can plug the pin hole from the other side with a brass drift and lay a bead down either side of the face, then machine/file it back to shape. Added bonus, the weld will be stronger than the original material. I had already sourced the bushings thinking that was the problem.. got into it and discovered the bushings were fairly new... The guide shaft that the shift arm sits on is also worn so I will try to source new components there as well.. given time. I do appreciate the fiche though.. OEM part numbers are hard to come by and they help with research. Cheers
  9. HI All I'm the new guy- In Spokane WA - with a fairly new to me 620 that has seen better centuries... The truck is mostly stock, and I would like to keep it that way (And find the Stock parts that it is missing, tho the body might fall off first) I'm trying to find a reliable source for parts. I've got the number for Datsun Recyclers in Springfield OR - But they aren't picking up the phone lately.. I do not have an email if someone has that. Specifically at this time I'm looking for 4 speed parts (Reverse Gears - not eaten, good Striker Rod) and a good set of upper pivot pins with hardware if anyone has leads. I would appreciate it. Thanks
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