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  1. Time Left: 11 days and 16 hours

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    Looking for an eccentric as the title states. Specifically from an L18, but any will work from the L- series (thanks DatzenMike) Thank you - Local to Eastern WA would be even better.


    Spokane, Washington - US

  2. Anyone have one laying around? Former owner changed over to an electric pump and I'd rather it be the stock Mechanical. I'd appreciate it
  3. Front end is on the ground, tail is just now apart - going through all the bushings there - will be done next weekend I hope.
  4. It Does have the M2 stamp - so I'll be looking for an L20B pipe then - thank you
  5. that right there is what I'm looking for.. that setup is what should be on this motor. so this motor prob came out of a 79-80 model... canna have? I wan...
  6. Its Vertical - there is a raised 18 cast into the Block on both sides and L18 is stamped into the side of the block right beside the dipstick, just underneath the cylinder head mating surface - It's just the hose that was attached and the way it was twisted, I had assumed they had replaced it some time ago with the wrong setup. It reaches the Intake just fine, but it seeps oil like a sieve. So I thought the 90 degree setup would work better, and not collect as much oil blow-by. But it IS a vertical hole, just underneath the intake/exhaust on drivers side right next to #3.
  7. Does anyone have one laying around? I opened my motor up earlier this year after acquiring this pickup and the prior owner had installed a piece of copper water pipe with an elbow on it. they attempted to JB Weld it into place.. That didn't hold and there is quite a bit of oil blow-by residue around the thing. It's a 1972 PL620 that has an L18 (thought it was a L16, but it's been replaced previously).. If anyone has the 90 degree elbow version of a Crankcase breather tube laying around I could use one. Thanks.
  8. So I was worried about lateral movement of the linkage when putting this thing together - i cut these with a heat knife until I got the right thickness to put one either side of the linkage before pressing in. I had this poly kit form a suspension off an older VW. These components were for another model and just sitting in my box o' goodies for years... Figured it couldn't hurt. You can see they barely fit in there - but I couldn't find wave washers the right I.D. for it.... There is no play - at all... Normally these have an o-ring in them to prevent oil se
  9. So finally managed time to put the transmission back together. The shift pattern was so tight together I had to put the stick in it and make sure I hadn't messed anything up internally. Shifting the arm by hand it was too hard to tell if I was in between gears or not. It is much improved over what it was. There is still some wobble in the stick but that is from the other linkage arm that is discontinued. It's minimal, but it's there. It's in the truck and together - managed to replace the old nasty bullet connectors on the trans switches with one Deutsch connector while I was
  10. So, thread re-jack: Got the machining done on the shift linkage, and all new parts from Japan have arrived. Slowly putting the machine back together. The oil impregnated brass bushings were off the shelf items, the Steel bushing had to be made. That was the old one The new one looks much better and I don't need the lube hole because of the new bushings. The Shift Linkage arm before any machining was done... After the machining the br
  11. Cragar Wheels... Their four lug wheels were four spokes. Their better know Five Spoke wheels were Five lug.... Never discovered if they made a six lug.... .02
  12. I just received the Gears purchased from Merlin in the mail today. The Bushings I ordered from McMaster-Carr arrived Tuesday. And got an email this morning that my parts shipped from Japan via FedEx last night. So.. It shouldn't take much longer before I can put the transmission back together. Thanks Merlin for finding those for me. Better than the ones that I'm replacing for sure. I'll keep you posted - But nice to see another source for info/parts...
  13. Yes 63W Prior to September of 72 is correct for the application. I'll get hold of you by next week if I do not hear from Merlin by then. Thank you
  14. So, Update: I got some of the parts I needed from JP-carparts in Japan, along with some other parts I discovered I needed. The Striker Rod - brand new - (Yeah, we got that...) They did not have the Rod Bushing - Discontinued - So.... I strolled over to McMaster-Carr and had them make me one for $40. (will be here in two weeks) They also did not have the Reverse Gears - So I need to source someone with 4 speeds in pieces (not common, I know). I can't justify the cost of a complete 4-Speed trans that I WILL open up just to inspect when all I need is a gear
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