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  1. It's off Sandy Blvd. Over in Wood Village.
  2. Spotted in Gresham, Or.
  3. Kyle253

    My '70 521

    It's definitely loud. I've taken on the freeway before. Just haven't gone very far with it. With everything rattling and vibrating makes for a somewhat unpleasant drive.
  4. Replaced all my wheel studs. The rears were a lot of fun.
  5. Kyle253

    My '70 521

    He said he was going.
  6. Kyle253

    My '70 521

    I'm not sure. I can ask him.
  7. Kyle253

    My '70 521

    Sadly not this year. I'm hoping to go next year. Once I get the L20b and 5 speed swap done I'll be able to go. Just don't feel comfortable running the 4 speed down there at such high rpms for that long.
  8. Kyle253

    My '70 521

    It's not the top that's the problem. It's the face. Looks like someone took pliers to the radio opening and just destroyed it. I'm also missing the whole glove box and glove box door. Also missing the black frame that goes around the speedo. So I am just looking to replace the whole thing. Not worth trying to fix.
  9. Kyle253

    My '70 521

    Tacoma, Wa member here. I've been a member for awhile. Haven't posted in some time. I've owned this truck for a little less than a year and decided I need to post it up. Haven't done much with it. It's mostly stock except for the obvious being lowered. Just put a new Weber 32/36 on the stock L16B. Wheels and tires were on it when I bought it. Been slowly getting back in shape with some help from dat521gatherer. Got plans for more in the future but they're just dreams right now. Currently in the market for a complete dash. Basically everything except the speedometer. Mine is thrashed and just needs to be tossed.
  10. Has anyone tried running on fumes? I was just told by a guy that I can convert my truck over to run on fumes. Checked a few videos out online and saw a few people who have done it. Not sure if it really works or not. People are saying they are getting up to over 200mpg.
  11. Cool. Got a bunch of scrap tubing at work. Should be easy enough. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Also just for the future I'd like to but a 1 piece driveline in, do I have to have one made or can I pull one from another vehicle?
  13. Alright, I've got 4" blocks. I'll take a look and see what I can get. It was working fine at 3" but as soon as I dropped it that extra inch it started vibrating pretty bad. Didn't think it would make that much of a difference.
  14. So I lowered my truck with lowering blocks and now have the usual vibrations. I've been doing some research and saw people talking about adding shims. I'm a little unsure on how they work or where exactly they go. If someone has a picture I could see to better understand what they're doing that would be greatly appreciated. Also curious where I can get them, do Napa/Oriellys/Autozone carry them?
  15. Kyle253

    L16 timing / carb

    I didn't have access to one. In going to have to get one though.
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