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  1. Just wanted to thank everyone for their help and give an update! Turns out when I took the alternator apart to clean I noticed the wires were jumbled inside!!! Earth and battery were switched so connections to the ground and fuse box were off. I was putting it back together with one of the diagrams from another thread here. You guys are Lifesavers !! Alternator is now producing 14.5v to the battery and lights and dash are actually lighting up strong now! Time to continue the restoration now that it's drivable. Thanks everyone!
  2. Took the alternator apart and cleaned it but it was pretty prestine inside I think it's a wiring harness issue but I've been at this for a week and am starting to lose it 😅.
  3. There is no foil or any lettering on the side of the case. Should I just not trust the auto store guys that said the alternator test was good and replace?
  4. Thanks for all the help everyone! It is definitely an external regulator alternator. And when on and running is producing 13.5 volts. It's just not getting to the battery. The truck had a short before and was draining while off but that was corrected and is now stready. Now the truck is draining .01 volts every 6-10 min when running. Which means I can drive the truck for a couple days before it won't start again. 13.3V is getting to the regulator but nothing is getting to the fuse box or battery. It simply slowly drains from 12.4. I've tried a duralast vr728 regulator
  5. Hey everyone! I have a 68 520 and the previous owners did poor electrical work. Alternator works fine and replaced the regulator. They had the alternator wired incorrectly but as far as I know I have corrected all the wiring based on the diagrams. Battery still never charges. Just slowly drains over a few days especially if the lights are on. I'm thinking they miswired something I'm missing. Can anyone please tell me the wiring configuration going in to the voltage regulator!? Thanks
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