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  1. Thanks! @Z23T I'm glad you have had a good experience from there... cuz it looked sketchy! i did happen to look through their stock and didn't find anything which caught my eye...and i felt that they were a bit spendy...some are only a set of two for like $628 i'm like ... ugh! >_< I like to have all my goodies bought while i do my projects tyvm...keeps me more motivated to get it all done ^~^
  2. I can't find 13" wheels that i like and that aren't $1,000 for a set 😭 @80datson Is there a secret wheel website!? My taste is very particular...looking for something with either chrome or aluminum with white/gold (something like that)
  3. Me: What's the differencebetween two dicks and a joke? Him: I don't know...what? Me: I can't take a joke 😝🤣
  4. My Cousins 1993 3rd gen RX-7 under 100k miles...ran fine when last parked...left to rot. I drove it once 15years ago...i'll never forget the experience.
  5. i had to look up a Lada...because i didn't know what it was... ...i want one! those are sweet! -_- i think there is another trunk that will fit it...there's got to be! (says in Liam Neeson voice); "...i will find it...and when i do...i will make it mine too"
  6. okay...i'm not done with this thread. I have questions... Are there trunks that are universal between models? ... like...can i use a 1200 or a 510 or a 610 on my 210? is it even plausible? -bella
  7. Thanks for the tip, Fetch! Thinking it may be a kinda difficult nowdays to find a proper mask or respirator, but we will see... I did get the fuel tank out last night...only broke off 4 bolts 😡 The rear bumper came off nice and easy...thankful for that. ^_^
  8. Thank you, datzenmike! I will try to keep that in mind when ordering parts...it's very helpful and a kind reminder. small fuel tank...but it's also a small car.
  9. gasoline! oof! i swear...that's all i smell! i was practically rolling around in it on Sunday draining the tank 🤢 now my fued neighbors probably think i'm draining it into the street... *sigh* great! there was barely 5gallons in it. now i have a full gas can and lawnmower. aaaand i ruined my favorite pair of leggings. i will drop tank tomorrow and begin to take out seats and carpet...goin' Brazilian! 💚
  10. i really appreciate all the words...i enjoy reading all of your comments! ...leaving a car manual in the bathroom! 😏
  11. lol! You guys are nuts! I luv it! ♡ Reading your replies made me laugh! 🙂 i was like...ugh...fiiine! I will keep it! I really appreciate the comments and words of Datsun wisdom and love. I will keep u posted! -Bella
  12. Sometimes i think that this is too much of a project...or i'm unsure if i should just sell the car for parts or if i should just sell it and move on. My family thinks i'm crazy... i mean...i like the car...but ugh...seems like so much to do and idk if it's too far gone. anywho...some pics of the car.
  13. Thank you! I saved video...gonna watch it laters.
  14. oh phew! okay, thank you! i will look there especially. I did find a nice liner kit last night. just under 75usd but it comes with cleaning solution too. POR-15 (4 part deal)...had great reviews. i gonna try running the car tonight a bit more.
  15. you mean, i've got to split the tank open and then weld it back together?
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