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  1. Thank you for your help. Your comment really pointed out exactly how I would have meant to describe the problem. I will have to dive into this thing once more. lol! Dammit! 🤢🙃
  2. I also did use a 1" spacer to keep the front wheels from rubbing on the shocks. But now my passenger side turn signals don't work. Also, all I can smell is gasoline when I drive it, like it's running way too rich. When I drive it a little while, it dies when I don't give it gas.
  3. Thank you so much! 15x8 with a stretched 195 45 r15 Toyo tire. A little bit lower would be amazing!
  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the thread. next pics i'll post will be of it completed, for the most part. Everyone here had been UH-MAZING! SUPER sweet and helpful. Pretty funny too...I'm so thankful. It's a great place to be. Everyone is so supportive and provides guidance. I was SOOOOO overwhelmed at soo many times. But I just did one little thing, once a day a week, over time. I had a goal to shoot for...I knew that I wouldn't be at the level I wanted due to time and money, but I am happy with what I have and where it sits and how I did the things I wanted to do, my way. A true car enthusiast will understand and accept that. My car before looked like I was trying to drive around trying to get drugs...a real magnet for the po-po-ho and anyone else who wanted to steal it. Now It's more clean...at least now I can get the good shit! 😜 Before you start your project...I would suggest LOTS of pictures before/during/after. If I can do it...you can easily do it! lol! Start a thread...I look forward to seeing your progress as well!
  5. @ShutterMeShort 20210420_185451_1_1_1_1_1_1_1.mp4
  6. after i got the filler neck on the thing...i was like o.O oh noes. DEFINATELY smelt fuel without it 🤢
  7. The way I guessed it worked perfectly. After my baby had been sitting for 6 months...about 10 seconds of cranking it fired right up and purred like a kitten. I explained it REALLY well! Snapchat-637997895.mp4
  8. that's amazing! i did not know that...and REALLYYYYY sure i recall only seeing 2 wires.
  9. omg...I did post pictures here...*sigh* I...got nothing on that lol! I will try to take more when I try to get it back together tonight. pretty sure my fuel pump is electric...it's got electrical wires dangling from the top of it.
  10. *blows into a hose and watches the tires inflate* i'll get it eventually! 🙃 come to find out i did take pics...just deeeeply burried into me phone. i THINK i got it figured out!? i'll know if it doesn't start tonight. i will revert to your method of madness...thanks Hainz! ♥
  11. soooo....about those pictures of everything before hand... lol! I went to try and put up my fuel tank last night and i have no idea where any of the hose lines go. I would try to find a shop manual book online, like on fleabay, but I would like to have it running by then. I know where the big hoses (filler neck) go, but the small ones *shrugs* sooo many little nozzles on the gas tank. ~Does someone know if there is a downloadable version? (free or pay...don't care)
  12. I messaged: red, white, and blueballs (kid in the army with the wrecked 210 front damage with motor swap). Thought everything was good to go. Then the morning I was supposed to drive out to the base, he never replied. Come to find out it sold. I'm not upset that it sold at all. I'm more disappointed that people don't have the common courtesy to say hey; I think I sold the whole thing. It's okay 👌 "Jar Jar from Fontana, California" I'm kinda thankful that people at least try to sell their stuff for parts rather than squishing them. That White hatch looks like it has good clean, cheap parts!
  13. If this happens, I will be here...just for the day though! 🤍
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