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    I have this brand new distributor that I want to trade parts for. I dont know what it goes to I just know it doesn't fit my 80 datsun. When I got the truck it came with it. I am in need of a drivers side turn signal light and the turn signal and windshield wiper switch.


    Weiser, Idaho - US

  2. driver side floor is completely rusted out and as of right now it dont run. im going get it running then sell it
  3. no its not. you can be jealous of this though i only paid $120 for it haha
  4. awesome thank you. one last question what is the firing order. i have seen several different ones
  5. hey mike i just picked up a 80' 720 king cab. this info helped me out a lot already. so the previous owner worked on this truck and replaced just about ever electrical component to get it run. we did some testing and found we dont have power past the ignition module. They also bought a brand new distributor that doesnt fit and doesnt have the match box module and also has a gear on the shaft. my question the diagram you posted earlier shows a non matchbox distributor can i use the stock matchbox distributor with the GM HEI module
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