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  1. thanks all !! I wasnt getting any notifications of the replies so I didn't login for a while, but really apprecaite your input. @EDM620 I'll take some pictures, I think you'll be impressed 🙂 @Julian Leonardo thank you for the links! doors seals are my biggest concern atm - as you might imagine, Irish weather doesnt mix will with perished seals/rubbers. @Drakerthanks for the input - I'll be keeping an eye on various part shops and platforms.
  2. Hi all I recently picked up my first Datsun, a 620 King Cab 5 speed. The body is remarkably solid so I'm just turning my attention to the interior and making it water tight, the door seals are perished and have rotten out some of the interior trim. Firstly, are new door seals available? I haven't seem to come across anything in my searches.... Secondly, carpets: same question. I suppose more generally, where do 620 owners source most of the parts, are there aftermarket retailers/manufacturers out there for these trucks.. or is it all digging through eBay a
  3. Ianos

    King cab bed cover

    What sort of mods are we talking about. . . ? Sounds like a good option !
  4. Ianos

    King cab bed cover

    Hi all First post on Ratsun! Just got myself a 2L KC 5speed... Beautiful all original truck. Was in Oregon for most of its life, then moved to Italy and now in Ireland with me... I'm in love. The issue is the rain here.. so I'm looking for a nice fitted cover for the rear.. if anyone has an suggestions do pass them on. Cheers!!
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