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  1. Josh Hicks


    Has anyone done a 300zx brake swap on a 521?
  2. Thank you! Definitely going to get that hub and will measure up tomorrow to see how deep of a steering wheel I can comfortably use
  3. I'm looking for this measurement
  4. How long is the whole setup from the start of the gap to the end of the hub? (trying to estimate how deep of a steering wheel I can comfortably afford)
  5. It says that you need to use the hub with a quick release but I'm not seeing one here. Does it really make a difference other than how close your wheel is?
  6. Josh Hicks

    Steering wheel

    Wondering whats out there for aftermarket hubs for the 521. I have been searching and cant find a definite answer to what will work
  7. Josh Hicks


    Looking for advice or to see what people have done to put more traditional style modern seatbelts in their trucks
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