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    Love cars, pretty involved in local car groups, 17 year old looking to start my own business :)

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    Hi there! I have a L20B with a 5 speed manual transmission for sale in the Seattle area! When I bought my 620 the owner have me this as well for an extra cost, which I accepted with plans to swap in place of the stock L18 with a 4 speed. But after owning the truck for a couple weeks I had slightly more ambitious plans now, and have no use for this engine. The owner said it didn't have many miles on it, I think around 30k, and that it ran but burned a little oil. I have never tried to start it, but considering he is a mechanic at Ford and how nice the engine that is in the truck is, I trust him. My current motor has 244k miles and all its needed so far is a new battery, so I have a good feeling that he took good care of it. However, keeping in mind the uncertainty I am willing to work with whoever buys it on price, although I'm already going to lose money on it no matter what, considering I bought it for 800. If you live somewhat close we can talk about arrangements for me to bring it to you, but I would prefer to not drive all the way to Canada lol. Thank you for looking, hit me up with any questions 😁


    Issaquah, Washington - US

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