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  1. Ron G

    Steering gear box 520

    If you move the str. Wheel and your pitman arm does not move at the same time it’s in the box. It’s not ball joints and it’s not sway bar or tie rods.
  2. Ron G

    Steering gear box 520

    Sure if I can find parts
  3. Ron G

    Steering gear box 520

    I’ve been building cars for almost 40 years and every gearbox that I messed with has always been tighten down towards the nut, but I could be wrong, knowing these boxes were another years It might be easier to fine now, thank you for the information
  4. Ron G

    Steering gear box 520

    The adjustment is screwed down past the locking nut and you can move the wheel about 5” either direction before the tires turn.
  5. 1968 Datsun 520 Are any of these str. Boxes around? Are they the same on any other year?
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