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    Hi all, Helping a close friend of mine sell his Datsun Bluebird. This car was legitimately imported, and has a clean title in his name. The car looks, runs, and drives great, and it's hard to beat the types of positive reactions this car brings. We have both enjoyed the car for a while, and would like to see it go to a good home. The car was previously listed at auction via the link below, where it didn't bring what we were willing to take at the time. Now however, we are more willing to let it go, and are not interested in waiting in the long Bring a Trailer queue to get it sold. All of the info is visible via the expired auction listing, along with a driving demo. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask. We are also very familiar and comfortable with both domestic and international shipping. https://www.thedrivenexchange.com/vehicles/modified-1970-datsun-bluebird/


    , California

  2. Only 1k miles with the filter, so hopefully not enough time/mileage to mess things up too much.... thanks to all who pointed it out though.
  3. Great, thank you. Does it being a 2-door vs 4-door make a value difference?
  4. Thank you for your input everyone! What do you all think that a fair value would be? I'm considering hopping in on the bidding....
  5. Hi I'm new here, I've been eyeing this Resto-mod 510 for sale. I see that it has the Rebello engine which is great, and supporting mods like Wilwood brakes. Anything I should look out for? Any input is appreciated! Thanks in advance. https://www.thedrivenexchange.com/product/1970-datsun-510-resto-mod/
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