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  1. Hi: I assume you have a key and do you have the bumpers? thanks, john
  2. Thanks for all the help, Do you guys use a special company for tune up parts, hoses, brake parts???? thanks, jm
  3. yes, Is it possible to get rear seats, radiator for this car; or just about impossible? thanks, jm
  4. Have no idea:). Well, I know it does not have the roadster engine; I had one of those years ago..... It is the white one on sale here in the forum classifieds for 700.00. thanks, jm
  5. I have my eye on a 67, but it does not run and needs lots of parts. Back seat, radiator, tune up parts, hoses, etc. Where would I get these type of parts; or are they just impossible to find? thanks for any input....first 411 and I know nothing about these cars:). jm
  6. 2002jm

    Mikuni 44's

    Is this sold? thanks, john
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