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  1. Crb

    Fuel filter? 1984

    Thank you
  2. Crb

    Fuel filter? 1984

    Sorry for not working harder to figure this out myself, but I think the thing further away in the picture is my fuel filter, for which I bought a replacement that looks nothing like it (took a picture and it won't upload but it's white plastic and the ports are right next to each other). Can anyone verify if the part I think is a fuel filter actually is, whether I can replace it with this weird plastic one, and what the thing in the front of the picture is (which is leaking)? Please and thank you, I'm tryna get this thing running immediately after neglectin
  3. Check and check. Hopefully I can get those other parts easy, too --got them, easily.
  4. Awesome thank you. That valve lash thing is exactly the thing I have to do, and I'll be going through the rest of the videos and will check the coolant that way from now on.
  5. Going to look up the oil in a second here, I stared at the exhaust with a flashlight tonight, smoke seems to have stopped, I have to literally open the top of the engine soon to space the valves(?) so I'll poke around in there and try to see if anything seems... Grubby. Don't know if coolant was low, didn't even think to look before draining it, reservoir was dry though, so I'll keep a close watch on it. Glad I had a smart moment with the filter. Thank you, I didn't know any of the things you just told me, and doubt I'd have been able to come up with them on my own.
  6. I just performed the third oil change of my life on this truck, and I want it to last forever, could someone run me through a nice long list of what to check/clean/replace on an old truck like this? Here's everything I know about it so far: It's a 4cyl with 8 spark plugs, 2.4 liter z24 engine (I don't know if anyone needs to know all that, but there it is anyway I guess). As far as issues I know about it was pouring blue smoke, so I changed the oil and washed it out with diesel. Seems to be coughing up little bits of white smoke now, but the blue is gone. Seems to run a l
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