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  1. Check and check. Hopefully I can get those other parts easy, too --got them, easily.
  2. Awesome thank you. That valve lash thing is exactly the thing I have to do, and I'll be going through the rest of the videos and will check the coolant that way from now on.
  3. Going to look up the oil in a second here, I stared at the exhaust with a flashlight tonight, smoke seems to have stopped, I have to literally open the top of the engine soon to space the valves(?) so I'll poke around in there and try to see if anything seems... Grubby. Don't know if coolant was low, didn't even think to look before draining it, reservoir was dry though, so I'll keep a close watch on it. Glad I had a smart moment with the filter. Thank you, I didn't know any of the things you just told me, and doubt I'd have been able to come up with them on my own.
  4. I just performed the third oil change of my life on this truck, and I want it to last forever, could someone run me through a nice long list of what to check/clean/replace on an old truck like this? Here's everything I know about it so far: It's a 4cyl with 8 spark plugs, 2.4 liter z24 engine (I don't know if anyone needs to know all that, but there it is anyway I guess). As far as issues I know about it was pouring blue smoke, so I changed the oil and washed it out with diesel. Seems to be coughing up little bits of white smoke now, but the blue is gone. Seems to run a little off, not sure how to explain that though, just the sounds when idling are a bit arythmic(?), maybe that's fine? Tried to start it the other day, and it just wouldn't start, waited a bit and it started, I read a ton about that on here, got some pages bookmarked, and plan to try and work through all that as it happens again. First tube coming out to the left from under what I believe is the fan (big round cover) is open and has another hose that has what looks maybe a cap that should be connected to that open tube, not going to touch it unless someone tells me to. There also three plug/clip/something electrical under the glovebox that are unplugged, maybe they go together, they are also something I'm afraid to dick with. Today I plan to wash out the entire radiator (there's a thin layer of mud in the reservoir), check my fuses, find the air filter and bang it on the ground, and replace the fuel filter if it's cheap and in stock just because it sounds like a good idea. Sorry for the long and clueless post, I'm legitimately helpless when it comes to this stuff (for now).
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