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  1. Scratch that, looks like it should work. I read it wrong. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Mike, so a gauge that has this spec is backwards to function with the 521 sending unit? Range:73 Ω Empty / 10 Ω Full (NON-LINEAR)
  3. Anyone know the ohms for full and empty? Thanks
  4. I took a screen shot. Thanks
  5. I had ran into a description post on bench testing the 521 cluster panel here somewhere, but I've tried searching for it with no luck. Thanks
  6. Hello all, anyone know where to get some? Or an aftermarket replacement? A few of them fell apart. Thank you
  7. Socalman

    Pilot bushing

    That’s good because it’s all back together. lol
  8. Socalman

    Pilot bushing

    Anyone know how far to drive new pilot bushing in? There’s a grove where it will a stop going in, but looking at my disassembly pictures, it looks flush to the 45 degree angle? During disassembly...
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