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  1. Ok, I was thinking it was run, not start, what would be the purpose of a momentarily hot in this stock form?
  2. So they both have the same purpose? If so then technically I can have one go to msd box and one to dizzy? If I decide to remove msd then, I can join them together at that time?
  3. Blk red seems to be run on this diagram. https://ratsun.net/topic/45389-521-color-eletrical-wiring-diagram/
  4. Well, I think technically yes, the black and white goes from switch to fuse box then out to resistor. The black and red goes from switch to other end of resistor. Either way, use them both together or just the switched?
  5. I would try it. Do you know the difference or which wire to use blk and white from fuse box or blk and red from ignition switch? Right now the blk and white go to resistor and blk and red is hooked up to other side of resistor and spliced to coil positive.
  6. Btw, I was asking based on the fact that I would like to take advantage of the multiple spark at lower RPM Since I already have an msd box. Faster starting and cleaner burn at low RPMs (Under 3k) does sound nice, but like you said, it may be just hype.
  7. So I was trying to figure this out, I am guessing the blk and white is the start and the blk and red is the switch on because according to wiring diagram, the blk and red comes from ign switch and blk and white comes from fuse box. That being said here’s my question, I am adding a msd ignition box and coil, also electronic dizzy. Msd is calling for existing coil wires to come in so do I do the blk and red going to coil (from ig switch) or blk and white from fuse box (assume start)? Next is the Dizzy, It asks for the coil neg and positive, do I take the positive from the same switched as msd box Input or the output from msd box to coil, do I take the negative from dizzy to negative to msd box input? Or to negative msd output even though this has a positive and negative already routed to coil?Issue I’m having is the msd box is asking for existing coil wires as input, but so is the distributor but the msd box has its own output to coil, so not sure if with this setup I go to dizzy with the same input as msd box or go to dizzy with the output of the msd box? I hope this all made sense. thank you
  8. It will be a little lighter still by the time I’m done with it.
  9. Certified scale numbers 2140# without passengers, 2300# with myself in it. 3/4 tank of fuel.
  10. Thank You, just to clarify something, the 510 weights a little over 2100 pounds from what I read, I know my 521 full of fuel is also just a little over 2100 pound, but then again, I might want to carry something one day once its done. 😁 BTW, I admire your knowledge.
  11. Thanks fro the reply, you're saying its not a good idea but I can run a 510 flywheel and still use the 521 clutch disk because its the same? and not have to worry about running a 510 disk and figuring out if the input shaft splines will be the same?
  12. Wondering if they are the same? I am in search of an aluminum flywheel for the 521. I have found one for the 510, which specs are l16 with a 4 speed, wondering if anyone can confirm. Thank you
  13. Socalman

    5 speed trans

    Oh yeah, I’m willing to do it, I was just answering his question.
  14. Socalman

    5 speed trans

    I believe I read it as long. So aside from bell housing, I would need to shorten driveshaft.
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