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  1. Sorry for the late reply, got tied up with stuff over this last week. The noise is present while just running/idling. I found a YT video with the same noise at idle and silence when depressing the clutch. He claims it's a bearing that's causing the sound. I installed all roll pins until they sat flush like when I removed them.
  2. Well, not sure what I should do as I'm not dropping the trans again for a good while. It's far too cold for me to want to work on it in the parking lot lol. I don't want to leave it sitting for months, so should I periodically warm it up/drive it down the street and back?
  3. Um. I think something like that must have happened? I did not see anything like that when it was apart.
  4. Reverse to Neutral, all the way left, then into fourth seemed to work fine. 5th into reverse was a no go. I had to go into neutral before reverse would unlock. Out of curiosity, does it/could it matter at all that I've yet to really even let it run long enough for the dash temp gauge to get up to normal? I've driven it around the block a couple times, but that was all.
  5. No grinding. Sitting still with the engine on from neutral, all gears are actually just fine to shift in and out of (just tested). Interestingly, after shifting into reverse, it doesn't want to go into 4th from neutral. I need to go into like 3rd, let out the clutch a little, go back into neutral, then 4th is free to shift into. Not sure if that means anything.. Additionally, the sound is definitely coming from the tail housing as it sounds almost directly below the shifter (so maybe the bearing on the tail side of the input shaft?).
  6. Huh, it shifts into gear no problem without the engine running..
  7. That's probably just what's going on, I've never had a manual that's this sloppy, though. It's like stirring a can of soup, so to speak.... When I do find second gear, it feels like it's fighting me as I push into it.
  8. Yes, the shim went on around the bearing and the snap ring went on the input shaft against the bearing. I used a gasket for the front cover. I think it's a bearing that's making that noise..
  9. No? When I had to get it back into neutral, I pulled both sides of the case off so I could properly reseal each side.
  10. Alright, that's opposite what's happening then since depressing the clutch removes the noise, I'm gonna assume the TOB is good (it seemed just fine which is why I reused the old one). Let's assume the oil seal is touching the input shaft bearing and the noise is from spinning metal touching rubber. How catastrophic of a failure would this cause, in theory?
  11. I ended up having to split the case again, get it back into neutral, and reseal it. After I finished resealing it for the second time and before putting it in the truck, I confirmed that I could shift into various gears/back to neutral. If I had to guess what's causing the whine, I would say either the TOB, or the front oil seal touching the input shaft bearing maybe?
  12. Of course. 2qts It's resistant to go into 2nd, and even tries slipping out. Reverse is just hard to find?
  13. Not sure what's causing this sound 😕 I've got two problems, it seems. 1. The whining noise while in neutral/gear and that gets louder while accelerating(clutch depressed = quiet) 2. It's super difficult to get into 2nd gear and reverse. 1st and 3rd seems fairly okay, haven't tried 4th or 5th. video-1609366037.mp4
  14. Alright, I know this is a bit of gravedigging, but it's needed. 🥳 I wish this wasn't coming 3 months after the fact, but my life inevitably fell apart literally as I finished reassembling the transmission. So, without diving into my short comings and personal failures (yippy!), I've come back to report that the transmission has FINALLY been installed, *mostly* all buttoned up underneath, and best of all, SHE RUNS!!!!!! I'm sure you've all been here many, many years ago, but the amount of joy I felt when I kicked her into reverse, gave her gas and felt her move under her own power for
  15. I can't move it into neutral with the shifter
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