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  1. Looking for feedback. I've done a decent amount of parts up to this point and some have been great and others flopped. What's are hard to find datsun parts that give people value? So far the biggest suggestions I've gotten are 620 dashes 521/620 dash knobs, 620 headlight rings.
  2. Top is original and bottom two are new. These are marker lights for the 521 and possibly others?(if so let me know) I think I'm just about ready to offer some sets for those interested. Can be in clear or have color samples that I can ballpark match if you like the pearlescent. Also something to note these are essentially handmade and not injection molded perfection so there may be little nicks and blems but nonetheless pretty awesome!
  3. https://i.postimg.cc/8PmgZfn6/IMG-20210217-162041-629.jpg
  4. Send me a pic and I can check it out 🙂
  5. Clutch arm boots are probably possible and the hood bumpers would be no problem. Windshield gaskets I couldn't do.
  6. That would be great, right now all I have are the clear lenses, column covers and working on column firewall gasket. But you can hit me up and I'll get you a deal.
  7. Clear lenses for 620s, tell your friends.
  8. https://i.postimg.cc/wvPyfMwZ/IMG-20210116-210246.jpg
  9. Put this on fb and insta but also sharing here for the folks who may not be on those platforms Well 320 folks it's been fun, while I'm still going to finish out the hubcaps and a few loose ends these will be my last products for these vehicles. If you want a screamin deal hit me up for the parts shown. Early and late model heater boots, column boots and transmission vents. Thanks to everyone that's picked something up in the past and that I've had the pleasure of working with!
  10. Good choice on the printer, I know a couple people that have those. Have fun!
  11. Gotcha, well I'm stoked to hear there's a need. Now to price them properly so everyones happy
  12. Right on, these have got a surprising response. I didn't know so many people needed them
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