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  1. The origianl engine is an A14 making 64hp but it ran very rough, dad wants to rebuild it regardless if I'm going to reuse it or not. The transmission is a 5-speed dogleg. Sounded pretty bad on some gears, can't remember which. Here is an example of a B206 engines built on a Swedish forum https://www.garaget.org/?car=407097 😉 "Dynoed 2020-05 960whp 932wnm with 15% drivetrain loss is 1104hk 1072nm at the crank :)" If I went for the same setup it might just twist the entire chassi on idle. I'll have to chose transmission depending on how much power I'm aiming for
  2. Some pictures of my car that my dad and I have been working on https://imgur.com/a/FPU6rDx Have some other projects that I need to finish before I can continue working on it. Still doing rust repairs and planning. I've also bought a Saab B206 engine that I might use for this project. How much HPwould be feasible to run in a B310 chassi?
  3. There are many good rims on blocket.se in Sweden. Maybe you can find a good pair on the Finnish blocket equivalent (find.it I think one was called and tori.fi). Otherwise there are good replicas of other rims. I am going too look at RS Watanabe R types or replicas further in to my project as I think they are the best looking JDM rims. EDIT: I saw that you wrote that as a warning to me and not that you are having problems finding rims.
  4. Hej Atomic! Very nice project! I just bought a Swedish-sold Datsun, it is registered as a "140 Y Coupé Khlb" from '79. It is fully working and road legal until November when the next inspection is due. I currently have my Volvo 940 in the garage waiting for regular maintenance parts but when that is done I will probably use this thread a lot for inspiration and questions that might come up. I might even start my own project thread 👍 I have not been under the car yet but I already know that there is a lot of rust to fix and that the suspension is worn. What did you do for
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