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  1. @5t341tH any brands you'd recommend? I've been looking at the Centric ones on Amazon.
  2. @banzai510(hainz) thank you, I did try it, and still no success. However I think I found the issue... I managed to get both ends of the hard line off and blow through with compressed air so I know that's not obstucted now. After that I blew through the lower line leading to the slave cylinder and out the bleeder valve, then filled the reservoir back up and tried pumping again, STILL no flow. At this point I am fairly confident it is the master cylinder that is the problem, so I drained it, pulled the line back off and unscrewed it off the firewall and this is what I found...
  3. Thanks for the help everyone! I drained out the master cylinder, blew through the hole with compressed air to see if i could loosen whatever the clog is. Also blew out some gunk blocking the bleeder valve since there was no cap on it. Filled the master cylinder and tried again, still no luck. I am now trying to disconnect both ends of the hard line to blow that out as Stoffregen suggested but man those tube nuts do not want to budge, i sprayed them yesterday with some liquid wrench to try and free them up but they still won't budge, I am afraid of rounding off the edges and then really b
  4. Hello Ratsun! First time posting! I recently acquired a '76 620 that had been rotting away in a field for the last 20 years in eastern Oregon. Suffice to say it needs a lot of work and I have decided to make it my first project car since I am covid-unemployed and have lots of time on my hands, and I've always wanted an excuse to start working on cars... I am fairly clueless when it comes to working on cars but I have been perusing older threads and picked up the Haynes manual, so please bare with me if I'm making an obvious oversight. The problem I am having right
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