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  1. It’s out of the z32 so I believe it is that one, I actually picked up the tranny and rear end from a guy parting out one a few hours ago so it’s time to start mocking things
  2. So I’m new to the forum and this is my first post, I’m not a huge import guy but my brother recently bought 2 Datsun 620’s. One is a shortbed and one is a longbed. He’s gifting me the long bed so I’d like to turn it into a sorta track toy. Plans for it right now are tube frame the rear end and shortbed conversion it, 5.3 ls, 300zx tranny and rear end, (I want ifs/irs) i think it’ll be cool, I’m going to pick up the tranny and rear end today but I’m hoping this will be a cool little project:
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