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    I have for sale complete A14 Datsun engine. The engine was running when I disassembled it and it comes with a new alternator. Carburetor needs to be replaced or rebuilt . Engine was swapped into my 77 Triumph, which I am looking to restore the spitfire it to its original luster. No trades or swaps. Contact me if you are interested. I am in Las Vegas, so if you are on the West Coast we can make an arrangement for shipping. Kevin $700 obo.


    las vegas - US

  2. Drake what kind of change are we talking about? I do have it up for sale right now on Craigslist and offer up.
  3. Ok its just a standard 5 speed and when I took off the valve cover on the left side of the head is the number 728 and on the right side 404. SO what does that mean?
  4. # A14 702770 space B is what I found on my block. Do you what the numbers mean in this sequence? Year? car type? B letter?
  5. It's a 5 speed. Do you have any idea what the engine block numbers mean?
  6. I need some help identifying an A14 and 60 Transmission. I picked up a 1977 Triumph Spitfire at an auction and upon opening the hood discovered that the engine was not the original one that came with the car matter of fact the valve cover said Nissan on it. Upon further research found that engine was a Datsun engine. Needless to say I am restoring the Triumph and am in the process of rebuilding a Triumph engine to put in it. I am getting the Datsun engine and tranny prepared for sale and just need some help decoding the serial numbers I found on the engine block and on the tranny and gearbox. Engine # A14 702770 space B Tranny # 60 number on bell housing is FL 0537820. On the right side of the gearbox is the #4 and on the left side is the #10.
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