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    For Sale - Kameari Race Distributor Ignition Control Kit, 70-83 Z/ZX Non Turbo, including an oil pump drive spindle and Pertronix Flame Thrower Coil. New $600-$1000. Sale for $450. Will ship within US. I just took this off my 240z. It worked perfectly and I just needed some additional timing adjustments to get my motor to run right. This was no fault of this control kit. Description:The distributor features forged internal components, designed for durability, capable of handling ultra-high revolutions. Two ball bearing plates make the unit very efficient, and able to handle 24,000 rpm. The shaft is machined, and the body was made more compact to reduce shaking. The pickup center has high-speed infra-red sensors, which guarantee a steady spark at higher revolutions. The kit also includes the Ignition Control Unit and wiring. Will not work with Factory Nissan Turbo Fuel Injection Computers. Note:The 70-83 Non-Turbo oil pump drive spindle will not work with this distributor. Kameari used to include the 82-83 280ZX turbo spindle with this kit; however, cost and sporadic availability forced them to remove it. They have since created their own drive spindle for use with this kit, although it still needs to be purchased separately (I've included it).


    Boulder, Colorado - US

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    Hi guys. I'm new to the Datsun community and forum. Bought a nice 510 with a KA24DE and sorting it out a little. I think my header is a ISIS type and yes, one of the 2 in 1 pipes is severely crushed in to fit around the steering box. I think I'm going the NA route with this motor so I'll need a better header solution as well. Rebello recently said the same about the Megan (Jackson) header on his hop'd up KA's, "Kinda flat and not great for higher hp applications". Is there a separate thread just for NA KA's in 510's? If not, I'll create one as I think there's a few of us now....
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