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  1. @EDM620 I was thinking of the same thing for the mobile service. Did you guys get the underside also?
  2. @Stoffregen Motorsports, ooffff...lol so that frame will be sitting there for a bit then. Will probably work on getting all of the components for the break/suspension swap so he can save up for it. I'll probably throw some in on it but that's a reality check. I'll have to search around to see if the prices are similar. thanks @breezenahan, will be a slow one but already have learned a ton of info from the folks on here. Much appreciated for all of the help and suggestions. Also, your build is coming along nicely as well, we will definitely be following along.
  3. That's the plan @Stoffregen Motorsports, once we get the bed off and the cab. Probably going to start with getting the frame blasted and work from there. There is a budget we have to stick to so going to have to spread it out, looks like it can get pretty expensive when you do it in one shot.
  4. You ain’t lying @Draker. Curious to see what’s going on in there lol.
  5. So, got the tail lights and bumper removed. Also, got the last of the bed bolts off.....see the carnage below lol. I soaked em often and ended up having to jam another bolt in the cavity similar to what @EDM620 said and eventually snapped it off. Also started to poke away at some of the bondo on the bed. Won't get a good feel till I get a heat gun and scraper out. Got the engine hoist finally, now with the bed loose, (will be disconnecting the rest of the things tying it to the bed/gas tank) should be able to remove it, then engine pull is next. Tail lights and bumper off. Grrrr..... Behind the curtain
  6. @Draker, it does look pretty clean! Gotcha, really hoping to get the motor and trans pulled this weekend.
  7. So the engine bay tear down continues! Got some time after work to get a few things done. We got most of wiring harness disconnected and labeled. The harness is a hot mess with all kinds of splices and repairs by the battery, to the alternator and starter etc. Will reassess when we pull the whole thing and get a feel of what's under all the electrical tape. Also pulled the valve cover just to see how it was looking and think I found out why it stopped working whenever it was that it last ran. Current state hmmmm Should have a hoist soon. Getting close to pulling this sucker out.
  8. great advice @EDM620, I have a few paint pens, I've seen people do it to mark timing etc but great advice on the other components.
  9. @EDM620 yeah they were long gone. @Stoffregen Motorsports yeah...you can say that. I guess the plus side is that's more for my boy to learn about right? lol
  10. @datzenmike, gotcha. Seen a few post pics of the mangled bolts with the tab all cranked over. I saw the 6 mounting points along the sides. Gotta look for the other two I’m missing tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Update So got a little time to work on a few things today after work. Bed removal Looked under at the bed and looks like there are only 4 bolts holding it down which I feel like is a score since hearing the nightmare stories about removing them. Back two by the bumper came out easy and looks like they were replaced at some point because the bolt had a hex head on it. Was able to use two wrenches to get em off. The other two closer to the cab....they are original....and stuck. Hit em with some pb blaster and let em sit while we jumped to the front end. Front end tear down Front end went a little smoother. I had my son turn about 90% of the screw drivers/wrenches on this one. Between the caked up paint from a few different color changes and the grime/rusted parts...his patience was tested. Fortunately.....with a little encouragement and some helpful tips on moving to other bolts and angle of your wrench...he persisted and got quite a bit done for the time we worked on it. First lesson on "...if it was easy...everyone would do it" and "this is why people pay to have someone else do it...." haha. He thought that was funny and felt really proud when we closed up the garage for dinner. Now pics...nothing most haven't seen before but this is our progress 🙂 Grill off Headlights and bumper out Found a little surprise in the turn signal Battery tray Removed front end parts Will hit work on the bed bolts tomorrow and see if we can't get that bed loose. Still need to work on the tank and get a few volunteers to lift it off. I was under there today and saw a few things that need to be disconnected. Thanks for the helpful comments everyone!
  12. How's this project coming along?
  13. great pics @EDM620, the current gas tank has a hole in it and seems like the last bit of gas came out during transfer to our house. Should make it a little easier to lift. Thanks for the advice on starting to soak those bolts now. I'm going to head out there in a few and start spraying them down. From others threads on here, they never go easy lol. @datzenmike, thanks for the direction. I don't think I'll be messing with what's in there now. Between the hole in the gas tank that we found on the last inspection, most of the hoses having dry rot and having no idea what condition the motor is in at this point, I think we are going to just pull it and disassemble on a stand and go from there. Even if we don't rebuild completely, it will be a great experience for my boy to take one apart. Ordered a few books on the L20b which should be getting here any day now. Might sell off this one and hunt for a KA swap. Still up in there air though.
  14. @EDM620 lmao I know that's right! Should be picking up a hoist and engine stand today. Would like to have the body off the frame by this weekend.
  15. Can’t wait to see! Sounds sick!
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