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  1. @Tank. Thanks! Looking forward to it.
  2. Wow! Trucks in great shape! I’m in the NC mountains also and was tough finding these trucks in decent shape out here. Congrats on the great find! Looking forward to your progress., especially the suspension. Doing the same with our 77 king cab.
  3. If he adds the drop spindle, then adjusts the coilover's, does that change the geometry?
  4. Nice truck! I have an L20 that needs a rebuild with a 5 speed for sale in NC haha. Seriously though, should be a fun project.
  5. @EDM620 yeah man, exactly. Thanks for that heads up. I don’t think it ever worked when I got it but after looking it over today, it seems like it wasn’t connected where it sits in the crossmember. I’ll have to take a better look tomorrow.
  6. Update: Got the cab off the chassis. This was pretty tricky, didn't have access to the hoist at the time so we raised the front of the truck up on the ramps, then jacked the back up, put some sawhorses I built under the cab and lowered the frame. Next we had to maneuver the chassis out from under the cab with a series of chess moves....all in all, was a great learning experience for both of us but at the end of the day, we got it done. Chassis is in pretty good shape. There are no major issues that I can see rust wise. Most looks to be surface rust so once we get the suspension fab
  7. Nice, not familiar with Evergreen. When are you gonna throw yours on?
  8. Status update: Picked up some parts today for the KA swap. Seller was beyond generous and hooked it up with some extra parts he had in his shop. Still need to give it all a once over and see what needs what and planning on doing the egr delete. Anyone know if that gasket kit is any good? We will probably go with a diff head gasket but wondering if any feedback on that company. Picked up: 5 speed trans 2 heads Distributor ECU Intake manifold Oil pan/pickup Clutch (probably get a new one) ARP Head bolts Ignition coil misc
  9. I have no idea....are you saying they would make it easy because of the wiring? @Stoffregen Motorsports
  10. Yeah man, super excited! Have a lot of other parts I’ll be posting soon. Was a great week for us!
  11. Hell yeah, looks good! We have the same year and king cab...yours looks in a lot better shape though haha. You are right about the east coast....slim pickins out here. I'm up in Asheville so just a few hours away. Good luck with the build!
  12. Update - Came across a great deal for a some KA parts and decided to jump on it. The seller ended up throwing in a ton of extra parts we were looking for at a great price. Parts are at the machine shop getting an evaluation and a rejuvenation! Can't wait to see how it all comes out. Machine shop is taking a look at both blocks and heads to see which is in the best shape and needs the least amount of work. So grateful for both the sellers kindness and the machine shops willingness to help us out. Both blocks, heads, cams, rods and crankshaft heading to the machinist
  13. Update: Had a few weeks off to handle some things around the house and work. Got the motor pulled finally....feeling great about the progress 🙂 She comin out! Next up, continue cab disassembly, then removal.
  14. Hell yeah...he's even got a few vinyls....
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