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  1. Nath96

    My first datsun

    Thank you
  2. Nath96

    My first datsun

    Im hoping so, I dont get it until august
  3. Nath96

    My first datsun

    OK so I still can't figure out how to get the photo into a URL think but I have managed to upload of photo of the truck as my cover photo on my profile
  4. Nath96

    My first datsun

    Well i can get back to you guys and let you known in August when It gets here
  5. Nath96

    My first datsun

    Ohhh completely miss read the message about the body being imperial and the engine being metric, I though he just ment the whole car is metric and I moght want to change it, that still fine I have metric and imperial tool.... and a lot of hopes and dreams..... just no experience with datsuns or classic cars haha
  6. Nath96

    My first datsun

    Its coming from Thailand, I dont lnow too much about the z16 engine but im excited to find out more once I have it and dont really plan on swapping it out if it runs..... for now Yes im from Yorkshire in England and ill upload some pictures as soon as I figure out how haha No need to mix bolts we use metric Also using my phone not a computer and its asks for the image URL?
  7. Nath96

    My first datsun

    so I just put the deposit down on my first datsun, its a 1972 521, just waiting on it being imported (im from England) just wanted to know if anyone could share any places to get parts of needed, any tips on keeping it alive and any info on the z16 engine Also any info on how to upload photos on here, thanks
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