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  1. DrYosh

    First post. (sort of)

    I know the mods would remember. You put up with my antics back then. 🤣 Well I don't have access to the old email account attached to that profile and everything about that profile will need to be changed. But if you can change the email too, then I guess it'd work fine. I don't mind either way.
  2. Long time no see, Ratsun! You may have seen me lurking around years ago as "josh_t". Well I'm back. Gotta do my obligatory first post. Photobucket isn't what it was back in the day, so oics are gonna be fun. Trying to use Google photos if anyone has advice for that. Here is a photo album at least. https://photos.app.goo.gl/xw4CFkMpB4ApLSAZ9 You've seen the car before, I'm sure. It's been owned by two of us on here now. Got it from Hitch back in ~'13. It was factory auto. Now it has a 63a dogleg 5 speed. Weber 32/36, matchbox distributor, IR alternator, usual stuff.
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