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  1. Diesel Dentures


    I use Delo 400SDE 15w 40 in my sd22. Seems to be good so far!
  2. Oh man. I might just fall victim to a purchase myself. Mine look like silly putty that someone’s granny kept in her moo-moo
  3. Thank you lol. I got lucky finding this cab. The old one was from road warrior 🥲
  4. I actually was able to make the ones I had work out. The weaker spots that had rust and where 2 mounting bolts snapped off inside the the threads were actually fixed with some braising and I had them sandblasted. So now they are sturdy. I need to find a good replacement for the gasket inside of the housing as the original was dry rotted and crumbling
  5. The tension rods I didn’t snap a picture of after the paint but if you squint you can see them in the pictures above
  6. Sanded down the tension rods and added some paint to them along with brushin up my old housings for the taillights
  7. Did some work today! Along with some new to me bump stops from good ol wayno
  8. It might sound funny since you’ve replaced and checked various other parts but my 82 720 diesel ‘s lights weren’t working yesterday and I went through replaced almost all of the exterior bulbs and put bulb grease on all connections and bulbs. I know it doesn’t match the problem you ran in to but just by me wiggling the rear connector going to the taillights completed the circuit for some of the peanut bulbs for the running lights. Process of elimination always helps. Hope you find a solution. Let us know.
  9. I had the same question a little while back while tackling the same issue. I wasn’t able to find a source for an original comparison(unless I didn’t look hard enough). But I was told that a good double is sidewall tire rubber if you have any old spares laying around. Maybe double them up to make a beautiful rubber sand which.
  10. I have the factory 14’s if interested, along with beauty rings. But they’re not dish you’re looking for most likely
  11. Well rats, I got the wheels and tires I was looking for and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
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