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  1. The car runs fine and my mom uses it to drive to work and has passed inspection on everything. We just both agreed that we should just get rid of it. Also thank you for the feedback. @datzenmike
  2. Hi everyone, I am not much of a car guy and don't know very much about them in general. Especially about Datsuns, but I was given a 1976 620 Series Datsun Pickup Truck but I was looking to sell it and wasn't sure how much it would cost. I tried looking online on different websites but could only find one Datsun from 1976 and wasn't to sure about the price of it for comparison. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you. P.S. everything is stock and does have some minor rust but still in pretty good condition. Here is the link to the images of the truck - https://imgur.com/gal
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