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  1. Hello I have a steering shaft assembly and steering wheel if needed and a 620 cab with sunroof shoot me a message if your interested I’m also in New Mexico so not to far from you
  2. Damn that is quite the dedication for the truck I paid 900 for mine plus 50 in tow and spent 150 on parts so far and another 140 for parts truck but it does have a clean Colorado title I have 8 rims too 4 of them chrome I’ll be posting parts to sell soon 😁
  3. Thank you i recently picked up on another 620 parts truck has the interior I need like bezel for dash tachometer! A spare bed and doors with glass a cab with the the sun roof upgrade brakes the parts truck was once a racer still had seat belts and buckles! etc still I process of stripping it down only paid 140$! For the parts truck parts on it were hard to find or expensive haha i also recently got the one in my profile picture cranking next will be gas in fuel tank and replace fuel pump if needed and rest of remaining fluids I will be dropping some decent money into It soon just waiting on a
  4. No it’s a tan color maybe red once in it’s life
  5. Sweet just trying to get an idea I plan on keeping putting love into and keeping it but for the price I got it for I feel pretty happy in investing Into it I’m also getting a parts truck this Friday has Most of interior I need. I will try to post pics of it I did post one on my account tho 👍🏻 Thanks again like I said everything or any advise will be helpful
  6. This one is stamped 4 wheel engineering and yes I grab it cuz of the look and how your never see then I’m just starting the basics the all fluids spark plugs, Differential fluids gear clean gas tank etc but thank you this does open my eyes to it a bit more
  7. So I recently picked up a 1979 datsun 620 Mostly all original Just interior is not original it’s has a factory 4x4 done I know this Wasn’t technically available until 1980 it has a stamp near vin Verifying that this because a 4 x 4 It’s also a standard 4x4 not running but I’m the process of being her back to life any suggestions are helpful 👍🏻
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