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  1. Have you guys received your info packet for this Saturday? Never raced with this org so I don't know by when we should receive it.
  2. Thanks Busta. That would have been awesome. Certainly better when a datsun guy does the alignment because you know exactly what specs the car needs. All other alignment shops just go by what the book or pc says. I'm not sure if Gino has an aligner. I never thought of asking him.
  3. Busta, your car is looking sweeeet! My car has felt a little swirmish and it doesn't handle the way it should. Yesterday i started to install the steering box brace and it occured to me to check the bolts on the steering box. Sure enough they were a little loose. Checked the idler arm bolts and those were loose, just not as much as the steering box. After installing the steerimg box brace my alignment looks way off by eye balling it. The issue is that bith my old school alignment shops are not answering the phone and i only have today and Friday afternoon to do the alignment. I need to make some phone calls and see wjo can squeeze me in!
  4. Thanks Busta. That's what I was thinking after going through their website.
  5. Will there be tech inspection at the track or do we do our own?
  6. Hey guys, what time do we have to be there on the track Saturday morning? I've searched their web page but there is nothing on the driver's morning briefing. I know we will get all the info about a week before the race but I like to plan ahead. Thanks
  7. Demo243, why didn't you go with a steel braided brake lines? What master are you using? I've found that the 7/8" master gives you the best pedal feel. I had the Wilwood 1" master on my white car but I was massively disappointed. The pedal feel was inconsistent and it leaked from the bleed ports. What a P.O.S!!
  8. I currently have those Falkens on my bubble flare car. I like them. Good grip and they last a long time. I've noticed that it takes almost two laps for me to get enough heat in them to get them to grip like they should. Those wilwoods will most definitely improve your braking! When i first started racing i had 280zx up front and in the rear andi was very pleased with them on the track. I never encountered any fade and alway had great pedal feel. I've since upgraded to wilwoods and again the braking got a little better. I think you will be very pleased with the wilwoods.
  9. If you guys make the next Datsloco fun run maybe I can meet you guys and talk a little. I'm just real excited to see that other datsun owners have the same interest as me. I've been racing for a few years, a few times each year, but never were there any 510s. There were a few 240s here and there but they were always with a crowd of newer cars. I always felt a little out of place because most racers with NCRC.org race newer cars. I hope we can keep this going for a long time and become better drivers while doing it. Above all, though, have fun with our cars out on a real race track.
  10. Uber Deaf One, thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. I too would like to make it to the Buttonwillow event. I've always wanted to race there but could never get anybody to go with me. Busta Nut, I seen the orange, green and white with a red stripe if I'm not mistaken at the fun run. Who drives what?
  11. I see. So a rear sway bar is pretty much useless you get some toe in to help stabilize the rear? Is all the rear sway bar doing is keeping the inside rear corner of the car more level (minimizing body role)? I had my rear crossmember slotted for camber and toe so I do have some adjustment. I had a 4 wheel alignment done by an old school wheel alignment shop but he put it to factory specs.
  12. Skyblue, Busta Nut: Thanks for the clarification on the tires. That makes more sense as to why you are running narrower tires :rofl:. Hey, some of you guys were at the DatsunLoco fun run we had Sunday the 22nd, right? Looking at the pictures that were posted from a previous track event, I noticed some of those cars were there sunday.
  13. How much of a difference do you guys think a rear sway bar makes on the handling? I sounds like a few of us have that feeling that the rear wants to come around on us. Will a rear sway bar correct this? Ever since I put the rear coilovers on my car the rear feels a bit more stable, but there is always room for improvement.
  14. Skyblue, the narrower tires you commented was for the lows. You mean low speeds? Will a 510 turn better on the slow turns on narrower tires? Excuse the dumb question but like I said earlier, I'm no expert. I am trying to learn more about setting up a car correctly for what I'm trying to achieve which is a good, decent track car.
  15. Hey guys, I have a few questions about set up and components you guys are running on your cars. I'm asking everyone on the forum that tracks their Datsuns. Not just the people that are planning on this track event. I'm asking so I can pick your brains a bit. It's not intended for bragging purposes...unless you feel you have to :rofl:. What tires are you running? What suspension set up do you have? Springs, coilovers?, lowered by how much (approximate), sway bars, camber plates?, alignment, camber and caster angles, shocks, struts (510, 280zx, others), ect.. What drive train and rear end? Brake set up (pads, brake M/C, discs all around?, drums in rear?)
  16. I think you would want to run the 4.11's on this track. I have 3.70's on both my 510's and I use 3rd-5th gears on this track. On laguna seca I only use 3rd and 4th. I'm no expert so... B)
  17. Awesome! Another fun run on Sunday!! Count me in. I work Saturdays so it's real hard for me to make it on those days. Gino, thanks for taking the time to put these fun runs together for us! I really appreciate it!!
  18. This is cool that other datsun owners track their cars, as well. I just signed up for intermediate. I plan on taking my bubble flare 510. See you guys there.
  19. I just sent you a PM, Gino asking about this. I should have read a little further down on the forum :rofl:. Count me in! I'll let Beto know so there are no excuses for him not to go.
  20. Just a note: I did the same thing and had trouble with 5th gear. It would tend to grind and at times not go all the way in and eventually kick out. I ended up cutting the bottom side of the Z tranny shifter and welded the top side on the 4spd so i could reach the shifter. The length of the bottom ends(from the pin, down) of the Z and 620 4spd are diffent lenths.
  21. Yeah, what Skib said ^^^. What's the planned route? There are a couple of us that would like to join but won't be able to make it to the Lathrop starting point.
  22. Car looks awesome! I would suggest that you upgrade at the very least your front brakes. You've got a faster and heavier motor which means you need to be able to stop better. Keep up the good work...
  23. These go on the the inside of the door frame to make a seal for your glass. I bought this crap years ago and never even took it out of the package. It's too thin and your glass will still rattle. Stay away from it.
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