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  1. Got the heater valve and a couple of hoses from Bproject in Japan on Wednesday. Only took a week to get the parts. Not bad. Also, ordered the Federals yesterday. Should be here by Wednesday. Hopefully these new tires will be small enough to clear the fenders when turning.



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  2. I think I'm going to go with the Federals. They are about $120 less than the Yoko's and I've read too many mixed reviews with the Yoko's. If I'm going to pay around $360 for a 14" tire I expect it to be pretty good. I've ran the Falkens on my VW and am very pleased with the grip and life and not to mention the price for a full set (under $200 shipped).


    Should be getting the heater valve and some hoses from Japan this week. I should start on the floors (cut and weld behind the passenger seat) pretty soon after replacing the valve. That has been holding me back because I don't want anymore coolant on the floors.

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  3. That's the cheapest I've seen those so far. How good are the Federals? Looked for reviews but they were 50-50.


    I could always put the tires away and use them on my A2 GLI or my crappy integra. Those two cars are on still on 195/60R14's.


    Also been looking at the yokohama S-Drives, but those are 100 more than the Federals. Yoko's are know good tires so there are no worries there.


    What size are you running currently?

  4. Lol they're huge. Big ol' doughnuts. The tires look bigger in the pictures than when you're looking at the car in person. I might just break down and buy some 185/55's, but that's another 300+ that i dont want to spend. There's stil a lot i have to do to the car.

  5. Sunday I installed the camber plates and coilovers. It was a bitch trying to get the coil over the strut once you put the 2 orings T3 suggests you use. Next I have to get the rear leafs de-arched to drop an inch to an inch and a half and the front needs alignment.













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  6. Yes I know your pain.  I have the luxury of having relatives there.


    I'm jealous :angry:... :P



    Hey I recognize that 1200, that was Mario's old coupe!  He bought his after I scored mine.  You've done some good work on it, can't wait to see it on the road! :)


    Yeah, I bought it from him. I'm slowly trying to get it to be reliable and add a few upgrades along the way. I've wanted to drive car since I took it home :D .

  7. It's real nice that a lot of parts are still available in Australia but shipping is so expensive. Sometimes you might pay more for shipping than the actual price of what you're buying. That's what happened to me when I looked into the King springs for the front.

  8. Not sure. I haven't looked up the part number. They came with the car along with other miscellaneous parts. They bolted right up and appear to be about the same length as the old shocks.


    I got the coilovers and camber plates in yesterday. I'll start work on that on Sunday. Also have some sound deadening coming in monday. Once I cut the rusted piece of floor behind the passenger seat, I'll start applying it and put some carpet. I want this car as quiet as possible.

  9. Below is the 2016 NCRC schedule. Speed-Dynamics web page is down so I could not get their schedule.




    2016 Schedule - Our 2016 schedule is now complete, with the following dates. Please see www.ncracing.org/events.php for details, which ones have driving schools, chrono series, racing, motorcycles, and registration.

    Sat January 30, Laguna Seca
    Fri February 26, Laguna Seca
    Sat March 19, Thunderhill
    Mon April 11, Thunderhill
    Fri May 6, Laguna Seca
    Mon May 16, Laguna Seca
    Mon May 23, Thunderhill
    Sat June 4, Buttonwillow

    Sun June 5, Buttonwillow
    Mon June 6, Laguna Seca
    Sat July 9, Thunderhill
    Sun July 10, Thunderhill
    Mon August 1, Laguna Seca
    Sat August 6, Thunderhill
    Sun August 7, Thunderhill
    Fri August 26, Thunderhill

    Sat September 10, Thunderhill
    Sun September 11, Thunderhill
    Fri October 7, Thunderhill
    Fri October 28, Laguna Seca
    Sat November 26, Laguna Seca
    Sun November 27, Laguna Seca
    Sat December 10, Laguna Seca
    Sun December 11, Laguna Seca

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  10. Awesome DF. Thanks for the reassurance. I'm going to go ahead and order them tomorrow. I'm tired of working on this car without being able to enjoy driving it. After front suspension it will be bleeding the brakes then off to get an alighnment.

  11. You're right. I didn't want to go with the treaded collars but I think I'm going to do it. I'm even going to go with camber plates. I have that on my other 510s and I'm quite pleased with them. It's just that much easier to get the ride height you want. What spring rate should I get for a street car? I was thinking 150lbs? Like I said, I'm new to 1200s. I don't want a harsh ride but I want it to handle well. Roads here in Cali are not the best.

    Here's what I've done today. I'll have to continue on Sunday.

    I test fit the wheels and they fit without clearance issues as far as the rim hitting the control arm or any other suspension component.






  12. Thanks for the tips, DF. I'll call the guy tomorrow about the seats. I'll also torque the steering tomorrow.

    So the spring perch on the right had enough meat? I'm going to use collar clamps to adjust the height.

    Can I cut the springs about a coil and a half to firm up the suspension a bit? Any problems with that? Going to use some old tokico shocks I have laying around.

    I have the struts ready to go. Should I use 1" bump steer spacers? I have a couple of sets.




  13. A few questions: what's the torque specs for the inner and outer tie rods and the ball joints? The inner rods are stock 1200. The outer tie rods and ball joints are from an '80 210.

    What about the springs? I've read that if I cut the springs a coil the spring will get stiffer. How are you guys doing it? How many coils are yiu cutting? I will be using collar clamp to set the height.

    How much should i take off of the spring perch? Obviously enough for the strut to go through. Here's a pic of how I've cut them so far. Which is best? I have a welder so I can fix them if I've messed it up.


  14. I have the front struts almost finished. I put new rotors, brake lines and pads. The old rotors were worn down but it appeared that the bearings had ben changed not too long ago so I reused them. I also realized that I did not take a pic of the caliper on the strut. I'll do that tomorrow with further progress.





  15. FWIW, 240Z seats are a pretty good fit, and aren't too hard to adapt to the stock rails. And fairly cheap to reupholster...





    Those seats look real good in there. There's a guy locally that has tons of datsun parts. I'm going to check with him to see if he has a good set.


    FTG, Make sure and use a thread checker on those larger than life front studs. Sometimes folks replace the OEM 12.5mm x 1.25 studs with aftermarket 1/2" SAE fine thread studs. The threads look quite similar, and they will even allow you to start threading a metric nut onto the SAE stud...until it cross threads and buggers up the threads. (this is an "ask me how I know" topic, btw)  Also, if you go back to OEM studs, they may not fit the hub as snugly as they are supposed to due to the aftermarket studs having a slightly larger shank and reaming out the hub hole a bit oversize. ARP makes some darn sexy racing studs that are 12.5mm x 1.25 (for a Subaru) that have a nice tapered end and they may fit the oversized hub hole that the 1/2" studs left. (I'd post a picture, but I have only a few years left to live and can't waste my time trying to fumble through the pic posting procedure here. :-)  ) Cheers,

    I confirmed that they were 12mm x 1.25. The studs went in nice and tight when I hammered them in.

  16. 1200 front stud part # 40222-22100

    1200 rear stud part # 40222-18000


    Cannot find my S130 catalog ATM....anybody with a catalog out there that can answer the ZX stud question?


    Edit ...several hours later.

    So it would seem that I no longer have an S130 catalog......dammit.

    DF already confirmed that they do fit. Thanks for taking the time to check.

  17. Only problem I have is bonking my head on the roof every third time I sit down in it... 



    I'm only 5'7" so I don't think I'll ever have that problem and that's probably the only advantage to being under 6' :rofl: .


    I'm going to check out some Civic seats today. I hope they are half as nice as the owner says they are. I'm hoping that they are not too big or tall for the car. I was thinking of getting the original seats reupholstered, but I'm not going to be able to afford what they are going to want for the job. I've got too many projects going on and I'm by no means a wealthy man.


    I'll try to get some work tomorrow and post more pics of the progress.

  18. He's probably around 6'3" and 275lbs. He told me that he had to hold his head down when he drove it home because his head was rubbing on the headliner. Maybe he made it up to give me an excuse why he was selling it :confused: .

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