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  1. I am running GC coilovers and camber plates on my Dime. I am very happy with the ride quality. I just don't remember the spring rate
  2. Guys, I am looking to replace all the bushings on my 620's suspension. I prefer Urethane bushings. I was told that Energy Suspension only goes back to '80. What are you guys using? I'm guessing you can use bushings off different years and makes?
  3. interested in the squeegees and manual. Do you have any pics??
  4. Hi Stiff. Your truck looks awsome! Just a question, What is the name of the color of your truck? This is the exact color I want to paint my truck.


  5. Yeah, I see what you are saying. BC told me that I should see a 20HP gain on motor alone. Went to dyno the car after the cam swap and only a 5hp and 7lbs/ft of torque gain. Way off what I expected. I was hoping for 10hp and torque. Next step will probably be tune my ECU.
  6. Hey guys, wondering if any of you guys have tried installing BC stage 2 cams on a normally aspirated KA24DE. Wondering what the expected horse power and torque gains should be. Thanks
  7. Oooops!! That explains it...I only used one
  8. I've used Dynamat on my 510 and didn't notice much of a difference...just a little. To be honest with you I will probably use it on my '75 620, though. Unless someone suggests a better product for about the same price.
  9. I have not forgotten about you RoadRace. I have not had a chance to get around to this. I am hoping I can get to it this weekend...
  10. Sounds doable. I'm sure a couple more of my friends would like to go, as well. One has a 510 and the other has a very nice 610.
  11. I'm not running a parking brake. I myself am looking for ideas in that department...sorry
  12. Hi RoadRace. I have 15X7 rims. Currently I have been racing with RB's but I just bought a set of ZX turbo wheels (15X6?) which will be seeing the track time. You should be able to run 14's without issues though. For the rears I also have the ZX calipers. I had a bracket made for the calipers. Are you planning on running ZX all around? Julio
  13. Guys, thanks a bunch for your replys! I will look into these. Thanks!
  14. Hi guys I have a '72 510 that mostly sees track time. I will post a pic later. Any way, I have the 280zx brakes all around. The car brakes awsome on the track. I don't feel any fade to be honest with you but there is always room for improvement. My question: Is there a caliper/rotor upgrade for these struts? I heard people were installing z32 calipers and rotors with modifications. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Julio
  15. Hi Dave. I am interested in a set. What year calipers are you using? Are they off of the 4x4 or the pathfinder? I was told by a local autoparts store that the calipers are differtent. Thanks Julio
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