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  1. Hogie, I can only get the after market seals for the doors. Route66 on eBay sales the front and rear window seals and they are Precision brand seals (OEM quality). I've been giving people price breaks for complete seal kits. Thanks
  2. I'll wait drummerboy. I already told you I will give you a price break since you are buying a complete set. Heretic, pm sent!
  3. Drummerboy, do you still want the outer squeegee?
  4. Guys, I have the door and channel w/s on hand. I will have the 620 outer squeegee next Friday. Please start confirming what you want as I will be heading back to the states here soon. I will start to accept payments for the door and glass channel w/s as I have those already. Thanks
  5. We bought 4 carpet kits from Mario a few weeks ago. Awesome quality material. He even delivered them personally to my brother's work! Can't been that customer service. Will post pics when we install them. Thanks Mario!
  6. Cool Riot, just let me know. Hurricane, these come from a spool so it can be cut to length. The guy I buy it from has a good idea for the lengths of the w/s for the 510's and 620's. I imagine the doors are smaller for the roadsters and 1200's? Not sure on the b210's and wagon hatch. The w/s for the goon hatch is different but I guess you can make it work. If you can help me with the lengths you need for the hatch and b210 it would be awesome. Like I told other ratsuners, I will not collect money until I physically have the parts on my hand. Thanks! Here's a pic of the door w/s.
  7. Pm'ed you drummer boy. Also, since you want a full set i'll give you a price break. Thanks
  8. Guys, these are available again. I'll take orders for about 10 days. Parts will ship out the first week of April. Thanks
  9. fivetenguy

    Spray bar????

    I've got one that was used on an L20b. PM me if interested.
  10. Get that truck down here man! I want to check it out.
  11. Cool goon and interesting story. It's as if you two were destined to end up together in the end. I just got my goon delivered to me from the body shop yesterday. I will start a build thread soon. Keep us posted!
  12. Right, it's a ratio though. So 55% of 185mm which would be around 101mm of sidewall height.
  13. Car looks bad ass. What did you do with your old wheels?
  14. ^^^ what he said :rofl: .
  15. Cool, now we could roll with the period correct plates.
  16. I will try to make as many of these meets as possible, but it will be hard because I work on saturdays. I'll spread the word to datsun people not on this forum.
  17. Looks like a sweet guy. :rofl: I hate thieves!! Get a job and earn your shit like the rest of us...
  18. Awsome! Nice wagon. Looking better a picture at a time...
  19. You sir are going to heaven for saving the life of this poor car. Great work and progess. That clean metal looks nice!
  20. Awwwww...I hate the "C" word. Keep your moral up and don't let it bring you down. We'll all be praying for you for a swift recovery.
  21. fivetenguy

    620 Down

    The truck looks real nice. I love the color. Nothing like fresh paint. Hope to see it around.
  22. Awsome work man! This car is going to haul ass! Nothing but quality work thus far. Car's looking good. :thumbup:
  23. How about for the ignition clam shell and turn signal switch/lever thingie and shipped to 95368? thanks
  24. Ferrari 250 GTO. A car you could drive to the race track, race it and drive it home. Now, do you have $30 million I can borrow?? One of my all time favs, the 959... The 550, so beautiful it was to die for. Just ask James Dean. Another gorgous street car, the 904
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