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  1. I have been trying to order several parts form Datsport for the last month but I have gotten nowhere. I've emailed them numerous times and even called them twice. Never received response via email. The two times I spoke with the lady that took my order told me that she would send me an email to confirm that the order was correct. A week later still nothing. I've thought about going with other vendors but there are a few out there that, in my opinion, sell you crap. I like their product. It's high quality and it stays like that for many, many years. I cannot move forward with my wagon project until I get those parts I need. Anyone having problems ordering stuff from them? Has anyone ordered from them recently? Is there a secret hand shake or password I don't know about? :confused: I've ordered from them in the past and it was a quick transaction. What the heck is going on down there???
  2. Yeah, definitely not a KA tranny. The PO either didn't know what he had or he lied to you :sneaky: ......
  3. Nice truck. My old one had a step side bed from a chevy LUV.
  4. I've used Dupont and RM. Happy with both.
  5. I actually want these for my wagon and I can't have two. :rofl: Tried PMing you but it says you can't receive PM's. Shoot me a PM with what you are asking for them.
  6. Oh sorry man :rofl: . I got all mixed up. So I only have the door seals and the squeeguees for your truck. I don't have the channel felt. PM'ed you Drummerboy
  7. I don't plan on going back (Mexico) for a while but my dad comes and goes a lot more than I do. He knows to bring back more material when he comes back. I only have 1 squeegee set left and 1 door ses that is pending. I'll keep you guys posted. Heretic, thanks a bunch for posting those pics! I really appreciate it.
  8. Sweet car! Love it when datsuns are raced. Please keep the progress coming. By the way, I have a manifold with isolators that came with my old setup (PHH44's) I bought from Troy Ermish. I am told by him that it's a nissan comp manifold. It also has the linkage. Let me know if you're interested.
  9. I've got an Electromotive cam. It's used but I have no idea on the specs. I'm 2 towns down from you.
  10. I have the one I took off my '75. Not sure if it's the same as a '77.
  11. BUT I have to tell you, I LOVE driving it. It does 70mph all day long no problem & no it doesn't sound like its going to grenade. ^^^Listen to what Heretic is saying. My old '74 truck was an auto. I loved driving that truck. Wish I never sold it. Now I have a '75 with a ZX 5spd. I don't enjoy it as much as my '74 auto. Pm me if you still have not found a truck. I might part ways with my truck.
  12. Thanks Mike! I'm looking for a 3.5 ratio rear end. I'll keep looking. Thanks
  13. The guy's supplier did not stop by Friday. He told me he will complete the orders this Monday. I'll keep you posted.
  14. Your wagon looks bad ass! That's the stance I want on my wagon. Do you get any rubbing in the rear? What tires are you running?
  15. Dat510, what tires are you running on the rear? What struts do you have in the front? I want to run 15x7 0 offset wheels as well, but I want to run 205's. My rear already has rolled fenders and don't want to modify anything else in the rear (like pull the rear fender).
  16. Guys, I've been getting a lot of pm's so if I have not replied please let me know! Thanks
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