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  1. Sucks having to work Saturdays when things like these are going on. Hope there will be plenty of Datsun people today.
  2. I just love those 1200's. If I ever start another project or buy another datsun it will be a 1200. Great job!
  3. fivetenguy

    79 620 makeover

    Sweet truck. I would like to see this project go the distance! Keep it up.
  4. Thanks Jason! I really appreciate it! PM sent...
  5. I have been trying to order several parts form Datsport for the last month but I have gotten nowhere. I've emailed them numerous times and even called them twice. Never received response via email. The two times I spoke with the lady that took my order told me that she would send me an email to confirm that the order was correct. A week later still nothing. I've thought about going with other vendors but there are a few out there that, in my opinion, sell you crap. I like their product. It's high quality and it stays like that for many, many years. I cannot move forward with my wagon project until I get those parts I need. Anyone having problems ordering stuff from them? Has anyone ordered from them recently? Is there a secret hand shake or password I don't know about? :confused: I've ordered from them in the past and it was a quick transaction. What the heck is going on down there???
  6. Yeah, definitely not a KA tranny. The PO either didn't know what he had or he lied to you :sneaky: ......
  7. Nice truck. My old one had a step side bed from a chevy LUV.
  8. I've used Dupont and RM. Happy with both.
  9. I actually want these for my wagon and I can't have two. :rofl: Tried PMing you but it says you can't receive PM's. Shoot me a PM with what you are asking for them.
  10. Oh sorry man :rofl: . I got all mixed up. So I only have the door seals and the squeeguees for your truck. I don't have the channel felt. PM'ed you Drummerboy
  11. I don't plan on going back (Mexico) for a while but my dad comes and goes a lot more than I do. He knows to bring back more material when he comes back. I only have 1 squeegee set left and 1 door ses that is pending. I'll keep you guys posted. Heretic, thanks a bunch for posting those pics! I really appreciate it.
  12. Sweet car! Love it when datsuns are raced. Please keep the progress coming. By the way, I have a manifold with isolators that came with my old setup (PHH44's) I bought from Troy Ermish. I am told by him that it's a nissan comp manifold. It also has the linkage. Let me know if you're interested.
  13. I've got an Electromotive cam. It's used but I have no idea on the specs. I'm 2 towns down from you.
  14. I have the one I took off my '75. Not sure if it's the same as a '77.
  15. BUT I have to tell you, I LOVE driving it. It does 70mph all day long no problem & no it doesn't sound like its going to grenade. ^^^Listen to what Heretic is saying. My old '74 truck was an auto. I loved driving that truck. Wish I never sold it. Now I have a '75 with a ZX 5spd. I don't enjoy it as much as my '74 auto. Pm me if you still have not found a truck. I might part ways with my truck.
  16. Thanks Mike! I'm looking for a 3.5 ratio rear end. I'll keep looking. Thanks
  17. The guy's supplier did not stop by Friday. He told me he will complete the orders this Monday. I'll keep you posted.
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