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  1. Very true thanx for the advice hopefully engine goes in soon just replacing obvious things like hoses and seals
  2. Give him a call he might be able to
  3. just letting u know my pops dose aftermarket brake setups for 620 hit him up see what he ca help with
  4. Nothing just seeing what direction I should go my first ka24de. Its all stock out of 95 240SX
  5. Great find run it till I dies then start a project thats what I'm doing these trucks are fun daily drivers
  6. So I'm starting my ka24de swap. So far painted the engine bay flat black and putting everything back together now.

    ka24de info

    Awsome great info much appreciated any recommendation for new parts prior to swap and I'm going with an aftermarket 14 fuse wiring harness for the swap would I be able to use any fuses to help with the swap to make it easier to hook up
  8. I would keep it original color looked good.
  9. Great post helps on understanding process
  10. Sux that you haadtodoa new one great information keep up the good work.
  11. 20200506_141157.thumb.jpg.1a0df298541eb8ad44e041df00a65bef.jpg just incase I know it's in response to an old post

  12. I have a 620 kingcab I will be doing a 95 s14 240 sx with a 5 speed swap soon
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