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  1. Jayc

    620 engine bay

    Whats up Gene, just wanted to see if you knew how i could fix that heater core problem. i just need to plug the outlets but dont know what metric size plug i need and how i could plug the two outlets coming out from the bottom of the radiator hose outlet. i believe one is for the bypass and the other is for the heater return hose. @gene knight
  2. Jayc

    620 engine bay

    alright so i actually just got back the carb going to throw it on in the next couple of days but since i dont have a heater core i need to plug the by-pass hose, return from heater hose and the coolant from the engine to the heater core. I cant find the metric size bolts for the bypass and coolant to heater core. and i dont know how i could plug the by-pass hose, return from heater hose. Basically i just want to be able to get the thing running first, i figured i can put this things off until i get the 620 running.
  3. Jayc

    620 engine bay

    these are some of the lines i need help with. i have no real clue where those start or end. @charleybucket i am actually just going to rebuild the original one. need to get it running before i can start modding it.
  4. Jayc

    620 engine bay

    http:// http:// http:// http:// http://upload large pictures http:// http://
  5. Jayc

    620 engine bay

    These are some of the things that i need help figuring out. I dont know where they go to and need help..... If i knew how to upload a picture from my phone it'd help...
  6. Jayc

    620 engine bay

    Ill take some tomorrow in the morning. Just took the carb to get rebuilt so thatsgoing to be missing but it'll definitely help me explain the situation a lot clearer
  7. Jayc

    620 engine bay

    There wasnt anything there. It was bare bone but the block. Ive put everythingtogether just need the engine bay diagram so i know what lines go where.
  8. Jayc

    620 engine bay

    I bought my 1977 datsun 620 a couple of months ago and it is BARE BONE everything but the l20b block was in the engine bay and ive got it pretty much rebuilt but there are so many lines that i have no idea where they go. Does anyone have a stock 1977 620 A/T engine diagram i could look at so i can start piecing together the puzzle? HELP
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